SSL November Announcement

The SSL crew will host their next event. They decided to have 4 modes. Check out what else will be changed below.

Modes: Instagib duel, Efficiency duel, CTF 3v3, iCTF 3v3

Date & Time: Sunday, November 8 and 15, 5PM CET

Signups: Instagib, Efficiency, CTFiCTF

Maps: Qualifier maps can be found here.

Mappackage: Since we will use some custom maps, you need to install this.

Authkeys: For the ones who still don’t have a SSL authkey, contact Fear or pisto to receive one. Without an authkey you won’t be able to participate!

Anticheat: You will also need to install our anti-cheat client, which you can find here. Be sure to download the anti-cheat version and not the usual client! If you have any problems with the installation of the client, feel free to ask Fear, Frosty or swattellama for help.

Rules: They have also made some few changes according to their rules for the upcoming tournaments. You can see the changes on their rules page.

For more information, check out their newspost.

Good Luck & Happy Fragging!


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