Frag Movie – NOTHING LEFT – by swatllama

Check it out: NOTHING LEFT | Sauerbraten Fragmovie


I’ve been wanting to follow up RELENTLESS ( for a few years now, but Tool never came out with the new album I was waiting for. I’ve gotten together a few clips and tried a more cinematic edit with this one. I hope you enjoy! (Please let us know if it’s blocked for you, the smaller music groups generally don’t though) 


Project 1995 Race


Well, it’s latest video about Project 1995 here, i promise.And now for you presented race map that inspired by this project and made by Gespent. Since first release i made over 100 fixes (it’s isn’t a joke) and now this map ready to be released.  Link to the map you can see in the disciption and it’s one of the most nice maps that made by ISMC.


Project 1995 – Red Eclipse build (cancelled)

As i promised there is another video about our cancelled project that made in post-apocalyptic USSR style. My previous video made with using our old footages from Space Soldiers game (Tesseract fork that cancelled too) but this one recorded with using current maps for Red Eclipse. As i told before the project was launched in 2013 and used as a base Cube 2 Sauerbraten. The project was inspired by “Picnic on the Roadside” by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky and also by game STALKER. The setting was chosen appropriately. Initially, only the single-player mode was planned, but with the change of engine to the Red Eclipse it was decided to do the multiplayer part (Deathmatch, CTF ect). Hundreds hours spent to make our maps look real. Most of stuff made by Gespent but i take part in creating some stuff too.