We are thrilled to announce a new Sauerbraten League for the community, launching in approximately 1 week, next sunday. The mission is to help organize games for the remaining players who still enjoy playing this game. The plan is to host events regularly, and provide an ELO & stats system for players to track their skill. Our goal is to run tournaments as smoothly as possible, and have everyone play lots of good matches, not just the top players. Here are all of the details:


Moving platfroms – now in multiplayer.

As you may know, it’s very hard to create dynamic objects in sauerbraten. And even if it’s done it’s cost you  lightmaps losing or time that you should spent on server as a hoster. But now everything has changed. Terence ( founder) after spending hours and hours of work was presents to us a new epic possibility to use models as a moving platforms but now in multiplayer with server-side realisation. The idea come to the Terence after his experements with moving stuff from singleplayer mode. After looking at the code he was managed to write a set of functions that can either spawn entities or change their attributes and thereby he able to spawn and modify anything covered by the /newent command.


SSL August 2017: Results

Here are the results from Sunday’s tournament!

Screenshots and demos are available, but they aren’t well sorted!


  • 1st Place: Lokio
  • 2nd Place: Gangler
  • Lokio went 2-0 against Gangler on memento and legacy.


  • 1st Place: Honzik1
  • 2nd Place: Lokio
  • Honzik1 went 2-1 against Lokio, losing on skrdm1, and then winning on hades and toxicity.


  • 1st Place: yjow| (Frosty and Lokio)
  • 2nd Place: ;)| (wtf?! and Aiurz)
  • yjow| went 2-0 against ;)| on hades on cartel.

Thank you to everyone who came, played, or watched. I was happy we got to see some infrequent faces, as well as a couple newer ones. Obstriegel provided the servers, so big shoutout to him!


TOURNAMENT: 20 August 2017 – EFFIC // FFA // 2v2 TEAMPLAY

Hi all! Due to having some spare time and a few requests, I’ll be hosting a tournament Sunday, August 20th. Rules will be similar to SSL rules, with some changes.
When: August 20th, 5:00 PM GMT+2.
Where: Servers will be announced in Discord and IRC the day of.
Map Pick List
Signup by PM’ing me in discord or IRC.
Signups will be open from now until 12 hours before the event begins. The reason for signups is so that a schedule can be made so players participating in only one event do not have to stay around for more hours than they originally anticipate.


Procursu – new TristamK’s race movie

Hello ! TristamK is there.

After many hours of work the biggest update for this race maps pack is done. 46  new maps a ready to be tested by players of Sauerbraten. Some of you will go through all of them. Some of you stop at half. Some, to my deepest regret, will not pass a single one. But I’m sure that these maps will give you a lot of new emotions. In fact, most of these maps will be difficult to pass. Part of them is an experiment. Some of them are transferred from other games. And other maps better not to show people in Cube 2 at all XD.  But like Cooper say “There are some true beauties in it!” so you should try some of them.
Despite the reduced quality by YouTube and some my errors in demos “Procursu” as a race movie should be pleasant to watch.
Link for maps pack is stored in the description. Just unpack them and play. Maps will be uploaded to the race servers ASAP.