SCL FFA Ladder Week 3 Games

A recap of week 2:
Not every game got played, but that’s fine – some of them will be mirrored for this week.

Fixxxer vs Akari (eleisa and Manu)
Avior vs Raze
Avior vs Rotti
Secrets vs ZCrone
Master vs Darkfire

Demos: Use this gdrive link for demos in general (a couple were lost)

Week 3 Games
Division 1:
– Galaxy vs Benkei
– Tay vs 1989
– Master vs Plata
– Darkfire vs Tay

Division 2:
– Rotti vs Secrets
– ZCrone vs Qur
– Secrets vs Raze
– Secrets vs Manu
– Qur vs Rotti
– Avior vs ZCrone
– Avior vs wanderer
– Manu vs wanderer

Division 3:
– Akari vs Neko
– Tune vs wulorc
– cordezz vs Wollmilch
– D4killa vs Wulorc
– Tune vs Neko
– Akari vs D4killa
– Fixxxer vs Wollmilch

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