SauerFork Game – Voting for Name

The crew that set out to fork Sauerbraten quite a while ago is now leaving the choice of a name for their game to us!

If you still don’t know what SauerFork is about, here’s our interview with them.

Vote here!


      1. Alias

        >13 year old developing a sauer fork

        Yeah right.
        Maybe your dad will play with you

      2. Jumper

        Alias, I’m not developing sauerfork, that’s deadly project. Sorry but fact is fact, it doesn’t looks like a new game, it is just a new sauerbraten modification. QuadroCube is a project which I’m planning to start in few years.

      3. Fohlen

        The fuck do you know man. SauerFork is indeed one of the very alive projects. We do have 100+ commits per week and meet each weekend at a regular basis to plan and work on the game …
        Please please please THINK before using the comment area to molest other people and waste that few kb of comment which someone else could have filled with useful content. Thanks.

      4. Jumper

        Fohlen, what’s the difference between sauerfork and other sauerbraten modifications? I don’t see any. If you make a cube 2 engine based game, then at least it shouldn’t be compatible with sauerbraten. For now it is just an impoved sauerbraten or just yet another mod. You say “Fork of sauerbraten in order to replace sauerbraten”. How a modification of sauerbraten can replace sauerbraten? Please, give me a normal answer.



  1. имя

    I thought that sauerfork is dead, last commit to the master branch was about 2 months ago.


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