SSL August 9th Reminder/Update

The SSL crew is back with a new format. From now on, they will try to host 4 modes every month. The modes they will try this month are: instagib, efficiencyffa and Instactf 3 vs 3. 

With the new format, there are also some new rules:

  • No AllvsAll: to determine seedings, Admins will rank you. Everyone who signs up will be allowed to play!
  • Signups: to sign up you need an account on challonge. You can find the links below. They will close the Sign ups on August 8th, 12PM CEST.

Date & Time: August 9th (Qualifier), August 16 Semifinals & Finals, 5PM CEST

Links to Signup: Instagib , Efficiency , FFA , Instactf Sign up with your clan’s name (a new account is not needed.)

Brackets: Instagib , Efficiency , FFA , Instactf

Map Pool: Here

Map Tracker: Here

Schedule: Here


Memento2b has been reverted back to the original memento for effic, but the 2b version will still be used for insta. We have also altered the amount of games that will be played, all details are on the schedule. Remember to check the maptracker to see which maps have been played. All players can only choose a map once until the finals or the third place match.

For more detailed information, please visit their website click here.



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