New Gamemods!

Have you become sick of 24/7 efficctf forge? Did you imagine a better life? A better game? And have you prayed for a change? Fear not! For your prayers have been heard! Following the birth of game modes such as Rugby and Zombie Outbreak, here are 4 brand new mods for your pleasure!

Only one thing left to say: Have Fun!


Some of you might know the popular, ELO hustling, QuakeLive game mode “Clanarena”, which is the new reboot of the original Quake mod: RocketArena. Now it has finally been ported to Sauerbraten. Utilizing spaghetti mods lua interface, the classic efficteam mode has been modified and a round based game play has been introduced. You can find the mod in the server list under the name: ~{RocketArena}~ or use the connect: 12345. One very interesting part about this mod is, that it introduces the player to old, never before played maps like dirtndust or alithia.

To play it, you just claim master (it’s an open server), lock the server (/mastermode 2) and setup your teams. Once this is done, you can initiate the rounds with issuing: #rocketarena. A running game can be aborted using #abort. The map rotation is locked and can be viewed with #maplist. Suggestions are welcome (see below for contact info)!

For those who don’t know the rules, here they are:

  • every player spawns with the following equipment:
    • health: 200
    • armour: 200 (type is yellow)
    • pistol: 50
    • shotgun: 30
    • chain gun: 60
    • rocket launcher: 50 (you spawn with this weapon)
    • grenade launcher: 50
    • rifle: 20
  • each round starts with a 5 seconds counter in which you can prepare your teams, move around with rocket jumps, but not damage any enemies (don’t waste your ammo!).
  • you kill stuff. if you die, you won’t respawn until next round
  • once a team is wiped out, everyone spawns again and a new round is initiated
  • the winning team is the first who wins 5 rounds

Some personal notes of Star:

I’ve initially chosen 5 rounds for testing the mod and I’m thinking about increasing the number to 8. Please give me some feedback via the comments or speak directly to me in IRC. I’d especially like to have some feedback about the health, armour and ammo distribution. I started out with 300 300 but this is quite too much.
Thanks to chaos and pikachu, I implemented a feature, that dead players will be sent to spectator to be able to watch the remaining round.
I’ve had many inquiries to add a team chat option for the dead and I thought about this for quite a while. In the end I decided not to do this, until there is a way of tracking spectating players to lock them to their teams. Reason being to prevent ghosting abuse.

The mirror of the flying obstriegel

The mirror mode is a modified remod function and currently runs on impressive squad servers: uk and de (connect:, The mirror feature can only be activated by admins using #mirrortime <seconds>. Players can then enable the mirror by typing #mirror (you might want to bind this feature: /bind w [say “#mirror”]). For the time set by an admin all damage a player would normally receive is reflected to the attacker making the player using the mirror invincible. However you can’t use the mirror while carrying a flag. If you touch a flag the mirror is gone. Additionally when the mirror vanishes the player who used it gets cursed so one should use it wisely! The curse causes the player to lose health over time and spawn delayed. This penalty is only removed when the player scores a flag.What happens when two people activate the mirror? Nobody knows.

Hold Mod!!!

The Hold Mod!!! is Honzik1’s shot at improving the classic hold mode. You can find the server in the master list or connect to it via 40000. Contrary to the classic hold where you have a team behind your back, in Hold Mod!!! you are all on your own! Once you picked up the flag you are sent to the ‘evil’ team and you’ll have to defend the flag for as long as possible. But don’t worry! In the first 20 seconds after you’ve picked up the flag you are boosted with quad damage! If you are in the good team, you can replenish your life by shooting your teammates! Scores are shown in the ping column of the scoreboard, much like the times in the mod. Each second you hold on to the flag is worth 1 score point! Winner is obviously the one which the highest scores at the end of the match! Originally Honzik1 planned to allow more than 2 teams, but had to abandon this plan, because Sauerbraten calculates team scores client side and he refused to send score updates every second via the console.

FFA Mod!!!

This mod is yet another modification to a classic Sauerbraten mode, provided by the !!! brand. You can find it again in the master list or by connecting to 50000. At this moment the only modification concerns the classic HealthBoost, which eventually leads to a senseless imbalance. Honzik1 reasons that every player should spawn with the same conditions. Therefore, similar to the one from Cube1, HealthBoost is now a mere powerup, which gives you immediately 50 Health on pickup. This can even outgrow your standard maximum health, but this power-up is gone once you respawn!



  1. Ardelico

    y u no make demonic ffa mode

    Demonic player has 300 health, does 200% damage, takes 50% less damage;;; loses 5 health every 1 second, and is unable to pick up health ents, unable to pick up hb/quad, unable to pick up armor.

    The player who kills the Demonic player becomes the new Demon.

    Haters can eat some mashed potatoes without gravy.

      1. Ardelico

        unknown command: do
        valid range for do is 0..0
        warning: brain outside of world: enttype[brain] index 0 (1389.538208, 532.000000, 525.009728)
        could not read “do.cfg”

        cause can’t code for shit.

  2. nopnotme

    (you might want to bind this feature: /bind w [say “#mirror”]) – wont work as a server command just fyi it will just take that string and /say it, to bind it /bind key [servcmd mirror] cheers

  3. notas

    btw if you agree (like me) that HB should be replaced with the HB in the ‘ffa mod’ server, talk to eirhul

    1. swatllama

      Well the curly fries I had last year weren’t as good as I remembered them from the before-sauer days, so they may as well get rid of them if they’ll cook them poorly!

      Why not +5 permanent and a little now-boost? In a 10 minute game, it won’t be as important, but the +50 or whatever it is makes it worth going for anyway.


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