Heroes of Pastaland

Based on stats for the (only) populated public iCTF server ‘Pastaland’, which were analysed and published by Gustavolapasta, I extracted some of the highlights!

The Long Runner
julia has played a total of 1834 matches so far. That’s about 306 hours, or more than 12 days of playtime.

The Fragger
has only scored 21 flags – in 585 matches in which he has collected 32485 frags. That equates to 0.036 flag scores per match, or one score for every 28 matches.

The Provider
has a record of almost unbelievable 2913 passes. The second best figure of all players is 835.

King of the Hill
has killed 44491 people. Assuming a sentence of 15 years for every murder, he would have to go to prison for 667365 years. Luckily, Ironsnouts and Captain Cannons rarely press charges.

The Efficient Killer
has scored 9166 frags in 128 matches. That’s 71.6 frags per match.

The Peaceful Monk
has fragged no more than 10704 people – in 1263 matches! All in all that’s around 8.5 frags per game. At the same time he has stolen 2882 flags and scored 375 times.

The Stealing Martyr
has given his life 43324 times on his mission to steal the flag, which he has successfully done 6835 times. Both are unsurpassed figures.

[Figures were manually interpreted and calculated and may not always be correct.]


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