December Clan Activity

As of lately there has been an extremely high amount of activity primarily around Impressive Squad (!s]) and The Darkkeepers (=DK=). Also, these date back to mid-November.

After leaving wp. wtf?! found a new home in w00p. (source)

“After the disbanding of wp, i was looking for a fun, active and fucking incredibly superbly amazing proclan: w00p” (wtf)

Mia joined the Dark Keepers and sweeper rejoined. (source & source)

After some internal struggles, Agalloch leaves Impressive Squad to form his own clan The Cube Strikers (.cS|). Friteq also left !s to join ranks with Agalloch. (Source)

Not so long after joining the Dark Keepers, sparta left them again to become the third member of the newly formed .cS| clan. (Source)

The fourth member was supposed to be 0815, but unfortunately he quit again before the clan was even officially launched. (Source shall follow)




  1. Zoocata

    I think clan’s are run poorly in Sauer recently. For some reason everybody thinks the assholes should be the ones who run them.

    1. vzzec

      Hmmm i like you, finally someone who shows some backbone. Only thing i could criticize is that you forgot to name those assholes. But dont worry bro, i am sure that you ll become strong enough to do that sooner or later.

    2. swatllama

      The four downvotes must be from the assholes.
      tBMC doesn’t have assholes running us.

      1. Zoocata

        Conflicts within and between clans are popping up way more than they should. I’m just saying that recently there have been a lot of disagreements over stupid things, and that’s mainly because people are too prideful to admit their mistakes or they take other peoples opinions for granted.

        People are starting to treat clans like businesses and not like a group of skilled friends who want to play video games together.

        And I’m not calling anyone out here, keep it in your pants.

      2. star

        remind me again, which clan are you in and where comes your intel from?

      3. Zoocata

        I don’t have to be in a clan to point out problems just like I don’t have to be in the government to point out theirs either.

      4. Agalloch

        Just let you know,

        i left clan !s] without having any problem with anyone in !s]. My only idea and goal is to make another active clan, good enough to participate in tournys, play cws instead of refusing them and try to make this sauer still active, to have more fun etc.

        Since we as !s] accepted a LOT of ppl, i dont afraid that !s] could die or sth.

        Hates between clans? Dude, most of ppl just trolls each other. Some cant handle it and i understand it. Nervosity during game is normal, after game is finished, everyone can talk with everyone again normaly.

        Even me and Star <3

      5. Vanquish

        .cS| is actually the exact same tag of an old assaultcube clan too, friteq probs remembers

        gl with the clan tho!

      6. Vanquish

        nah this was like 3 years ago, I wasn’t even playing games back then :D

      7. Agalloch

        Rising Cubers .rC|
        Cube Strikers .cS|

        Only similar tag which is normal as JG had with TC, and many others

        But yea Friteq was the one who suggested this name/tag.

      8. Jumper

        Yeah, }JG{ tag looks quite nice. Although in my opinion the best tag is |OSH|. Everyone looks so pro with it. :)

      1. Acuerta

        his raging does have a certain entertainment value, gotta give him that. :D


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