Super Sauer League – “A Wild New Tournament Appears”

About SSL

We’re happy to inform you that the first SSL event is going to take place soon!

Wait, what… SSL? This is a Sauerbraten website – and I have certainly never heard about the acronym “SSL” before, at least not in this context. Did I miss anything?

Of course, we could now simply state that SSL stands for a new tournament named “Super Sauer League“. However, it feels like this would be rather boring, wouldn’t it? Instead, who could explain it better than its creators themselves? Hence, we have done a short introductory interview with swatllama – one of the main people behind it, so let’s see what he has to say about SSL:

Ready for a couple of questions? Let’s get started!

Sauerworld: How and when did the idea of starting SSL, the “Super Sauer League”, come up, and who was involved in elaborating it?

swatllama: Frosty, hades? and I, during one of our rare nonsexual discussions, talked about how we need: a more regular duel tournament, and a duel tournament that is more maneagable. The Summer Sauercom thingy took a while to go through, and a lot of the games were done last minute; the DKSC effic tournament required Art and me to play a fuckton of games, while some of the other competitors who got to similar stages didn’t have to play a similar number of games. The last instagib ladder, hosted by SWL and Achille and whomever else… that is self explanatory.

Indeed it is. On your website you write that SSL is “covering different duel modes.” Can we still expect team modes in the future?

swatllama: Potentially, but I’d really like for duels to be the current focus. They’re easier to organize, and none of us have a load of time at the moment.

Of course, let’s just see what the future might bring. Since you seem to value on “bringing back life to old maps, do you also plan on reviving some of the more “exotic” modes, such as e.g. tactics or, although this would be a team mode again, collect?

swatllama: I can’t “revive” collect, as it was never alive outside of SVN. If we were to do team games, obviously we’d start out with the traditional shit that doesn’t seem to bore the dullards, but yes, we’d want to explore older, more classical modes; namely, capture and ctf.

I’m sure a lot of people will be glad to hear that. Irrespective of the exact content, at what intervals do you plan to run the tournament. Or will there not be any fixed schedule at all?

swatllama: I can’t promise a fixed schedule, but the goal would be for ~ once a month. We’re not as busy with mefisto, but none of us (Fear, obi, me) have as much time as in our youth.

Absolutely understandable. Especially since, existing for only a short time, you are obviously still a rather small project – is there any special area you need external contributors for?

swatllama: Well, we have bbk working on our banner or whatever it’s called. We’d really like user-input on how people like the coordination, organization, map/mode picks, etc. But, just because we get a lot of suggestsions to make the map pool turbine ot academy memento frozen for each tournament does not mean that will be how it works. Some things will be very rigid, such as a rotating map pool. I know the DKSC guys have been fairly open to input, at least mine :) But I will not be so flexible, for the purpose of having a dictatorship to bring people the most valuable experience. Whether or not it is asked for, it shall come.

Which is certainly what sets you apart from other tournaments, and will hopefully provide an exciting alternative. Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

swatllama: Keep an open mind, and play intelligently. You may have to adjust your typical playstyle for the future map pools, and that ability to adjust is what differentiates a talented player from a skilled one. OH yeah, and if anyone’s wondering why I don’t want to merge with Sauercom and DKSC, it’s because I llike to have the final say in my own shit before the anomoly that is people get together and as a group, bugger something up, even if they’re brilliant in their individual parts.

The organizers – in detail swatllama, Fear and obi_de are still looking for referees and commentators – if you are interested, contact swatllama via one of the ways listed below.


First event

The first event will be instagib 1v1 and be divided into two stages:
Determined by an all-vs-all qualification game, the eight best players from a mass game come forth and are admitted to qualification duels lasting five minutes each. The system here is best of three.
Afterwards, the top two players play two (or if needed three) full-time final rounds.
In general, the player who had the higher score in the mass game picks first.

In order to prevent complaints about high pings, there will be four servers in different locations: Two American and two european ones. The choice on where to play depends on the origin of both players. Nevertheless, the mass game will be hosted in Europe.

Unless your name equals one of those listed as banned on the SSL website, do not hesitate to sign up by messaging swatllama or Fearer on IRC (


Quick overview

Mode: Instagib duel
Maps: kffa, academy, douze, complex, turbine
Date: Sunday, 22 February
Time: 11am UTC-6, 6pm UTC+1
Contact: IRC: #supersauerleague @ | email: check out the about page


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