Sauerworld restructuring

As of now, Sauerworld will return to the old Sauercom blog structure. Hence we invite everyone to write posts about whatever is on their mind! We, the coreteam, will do our best to keep the old ‘weekly’ content alive and we are always on the lookout for helping hands! If you are interested, speak to a staff member in IRC or discord!

Here is how you can submit a post:

  • Come to irc #sauercom and ask us for an account.
  • You can then log into the backend and write whatever you want!
  • When your post is ready notify our staff.
  • We will schedule your post and it will be published soon.

Content rules:

  • You can post whatever is on your mind! Seriously anything. But keep in mind, the things you say in your post are your own¬†responsibility!
  • Anything? No of course not, we are not a pornsite, nor do we allow gore or any other form of content along those lines.
  • What about politics? Nope. Don’t care, never will.
  • So anything was a lie? Yes, but only if you are one of those 1000% over-correct assholes. We mean of course topics that foremost concern sauerbraten and it’s players/mappers!
  • We also won’t publish childish rants about other persons or communities. We do, however, allow polite and well reasoned criticism, which aims towards a discussion in the comment section.
  • Do you auto-correct my english? – Hell No! We are not professional translators, working for free. All posts have to be in english of course, but as you are responsible for the content of your own post, you are also responsible for your language.
  • Because you can never make stuff clear enough, i give some examples of uncommon posts, which could be your next topic:
    • [Sysadmin] How to install a spaghetti-mod server? (Sadly this one I have already lined up, but it’s a good example anyhow)
    • [Gameplay] Why I switched my sens – benefits and struggles finding the correct input
    • [Just 4 Laughs] 10 quick and fun activities which help you passing the time when waiting 30 minutes till the next map is loaded
    • [Forum topic promotion] Desktops: This is where I shoot you! I show you mine, now you show me yours!
    • [Controversy] A common disbelief: A high slot number is bad for other servers
    • [Real life Sauerbraten] My Grandmother’s recipe. (I’m really looking forward to see this one!)
    • [Interview] Being Gustavo: My obsession with Pasta.


Sauerworld will not take responsibility for the content of your posts.


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