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Hi everyone, as you may have heard there is a new release of the game coming out soon after 7 years. This is a big deal, and YOU can, and SHOULD play the the new release right now, and help us find any bugs, or just get the screaming out of your system. This exceedingly quick tutorial works for Windows 10 and probably other Windows versions too.

  1. Download Tortoise SVN
  2. Right click normally in the directory you want to install SVN in (note: don’t put this in program files or anywhere else with permissions issues, or you’ll be stonewalled at step 4), and select “SVN Checkout…”
  3. Paste svn:// into the “URL of the Repository” box, and click “OK”
  4. (optional but recommended) – Make a new folder in your Documents>My Games directory, next to where your normal Sauerbraten config folder is located. Then drag sauerbraten.bat from your SVN install into WordPad, and change the line – start %SAUER_BIN%\sauerbraten.exe “-q$HOME\My Games\Sauerbraten” -glog.txt %* to start %SAUER_BIN%\sauerbraten.exe “-q$HOME\My Games\NAME_OF_YOUR_NEW_FOLDER” -glog.txt %* and save. Now you will not confuse your vanilla config with your SVN config.

I have included pictures of some of these steps for utmost clarity:



    1. notas

      shag already knows this, but for anyone else, a couple of us have tried building for os x and failed, so nothing right now

      1. brecht

        Svn is a source version control system. A system to manage code. It is older than git as you said.

  1. Mike

    Why don’t you guys move to GitHub or some other git stuff, do you really want us to install unfriendly software (SVN) just for this project? come on…


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