Release of Sauerworld Mappack

Update #2: Fixed some more texture errors, newest version is now:

For those who are fed up with the forge,reissen,dust2 cycle, we’ve compiled a map pack of the most recent maps we could find. It includes next to the maps which are included into the SVN repository many more, which we think can bring new excitement to the evening mix games and clan wars.

The map pack comes with a gui /newmaps (with an S at the end!!!) and is tagged with the release date so you can easy agree on the version.

Sauerworld is tanking a bow and thanks all mappers and content generators! Keep up the good work! Without you, this game would be long dead!

Please feel free to contact us, if you know about a map we left out.

We also open a new poll about maps we came across whilst compiling the map pack. You can find the download links and discussion in this forum post here. Please check them out and vote which one should be included.

You can find the download in the features section above or by clicking –>here<–.

Update: fixed missing rm1 skybox

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  1. a-monster

    Really great work guys and many thx for installation – help – video by Sheik for technical noobs like me. I will link from Crowd HP.

    Cya in game


  2. Rexus

    You guys are absolute legends!!! Thanks a ton!! I had a couple issues with loading some textures, turns out one of the folders was actually named shiek as opposed to sheik. xD Don’t know if it was just be being ditzy and renaming it by accident though. Also having issue with one of the skyboxes in rm1 but again I don’t know if that’s just me. Aside from that I love ALL the new maps!! Some cool new ones that I think will make for interesting gameplay ;)


    Thanks again :DDDDDDD

    1. star

      fixed rm1 skybox, the shiek must have been your ditzyness :) you should get that checked out!

  3. bbk

    Thanks to all who worked on this!
    I see a few errors when opening a few of these maps:
    duel5 – couldn’t find rock01.jpg (I was able to find a file with this name in one of my older versions of sauer)
    duel5 – no such shader: colorworld
    star – cannot override persistent variable decals, cannot override persistent variable decalfade

  4. Zoocata

    Semi unrelated, but where is the SVN repository this time around? I lost it when I reinstalled turtlesvn.

    also tfw your maps aren’t included

    1. star

      You can find the SVN repository at the sourceforge page of sauerbraten, just navigate to ‘resources -> links’ in the top menu here.

      All maps added to the SVN repo are also included into the swmaps package.

      Unrelated: Good job on colony, please make more maps like this (maybe a ctf map)!

  5. Rudi

    Very happy to see my Dust6 map in here … Thank you for adding it Fatality but just a little heads up guys ….
    I am working on a epic map atm so find me ingame on a va server for a sneak peak ;)

  6. Rudi

    More then just a few ppl asked me to finish Dust6. . . .
    I am happy to report that it is being worked on and you can expect quite a few changes. . .
    The map should be ready and finalised very very soon ^^
    Thank you for your patience and giving me the motivation to complete this map for your enjoyment
    Kind Regards


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