Q&A #21 – Desert Island

After one month break, Q&A is back! This time, we asked several people which players they would like to take with on a desert island.

Check out their answers below!

If you were stranded on a desert island what two players would you choose to be stranded with and why?

<TheLove> Well, since its a desert island, i am the king of the desert, i don’t need another man help to kill a snake or find drinkable water, so i’ll choose bbk and Katja, why? because i might live there forever so why not make it funny life with 2 hot red chicks, i’ll hunt and build the house and they’ll cook and get pregnant, and i will milk them later, good investment

<Blushieee> I would want to be with Swatllama & TheLove. I would take Swatllama because hes a funny,rational and trustworthy guy. I would take TheLove because hes cute, knows about deserts and is intelligent.

<Star> I would only take Fear with me, to save humanity. That’s how good of a human I am. It all started out when my parents were killed during a mugging gone wrong. I traveled the world and reached Nanda Parbat where I was trained and educated by the big Ra’s al Ghul. I soon put on a black mask and fought crime. Then i Bane broke my back and I had to stop. I became bored so i started to play Sauerbraten only to discover that I would face my arch enemy again, who also joined out of bordom under the name of Fear.

<Fleet> Obst because we’d have a good time while we were there and Fatality because he could build a bridge to get us off. :P

<FrozenRain> Exiled (from FD) because he alresdy lives on an island so he probably already has the neccessary survival skills needed and *TheJoker* so i can throw him into the (hopefully) shark-inf3ested waters.

Now we want to know which players you would like to take with you on a desert island? Just drop a comment!




  1. pix

    <Blushieee> I would want to be with Swatllama & TheLove. […] I would take TheLove because hes cute, knows about deserts and is intelligent. loaded.

    FTFY ;) :P

  2. Lokio

    i would take:
    – Lokio: incredibly interesting, funny, and handsome. i would never be bored around lokio and the opportunities for romance are certainly there if things seem like they’re heading in that direction.
    – Lokio: the most practical choice, lokio is a master of all trades (especially sauer) and his incredible talents would not go to waste on this mysterious island.

  3. swatllama

    What TWO players would I take? Hrrrmm that’s a toughie. There are a lot of ones I’d take.
    I’d take greenadiss, but she’s insists she’s far too old and wrinkly and haglike for a virile buck like me.

    So then there’s bbk, but a wolf and a llama? The second food supplies run low, she’d rip me apart and knit my wool into a blanket and pillow. Some llamas might be into that, but not this one, oh no!

    hades would be a great pick, but I bet he’d spend all his time wanking and not enough time doing stranded-deserty-island things.
    Frosty’s a giant and would be able to lift me into the trees, but he sleeps too much.

    Lokio! Lokio is an amazing pic… oh but then DM would be inactive again.

    want someone smart, witty, and interesting. Sooooooo


  4. Fuzzy

    I would take Venera, because he’s a level-headed guy who I can trust, and Kaotic, because he’s a fighter. Literally.


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