Q&A #20 – Which hudgun models and skins do you use? Why do you prefer them?

After a short delay, Q&A is back! We asked some players about the hudguns they use, continue reading to find out what they said!


<Briggzy> I use the default… because I didn’t know you could change the gun skins..


<Lokio> I use the default hudguns and the neon yellow snout skins provided by ogros (here’s a bad screenshot that shows the setup). there’s not really a specific reason I use them, that’s just what I’ve been playing with for a long time now and it seems to work out pretty well :P. I tried using pink skins a while back but despite the logical advantages (a lot more yellow maps than pink ones) it just felt wrong and I had to go back to the neon yellows.


<TheLove>  I’ve used some modified hudguns/models/skins for montage purposes before but i actually use the default ones for gameplay, hudgun 1, player model “new ogro” with solid green neon skin, i recommend to stick with the pink ironsnoutx10k and never hide ur hudgun. my skin


<obst> When I started to play I played instagib-modes only. After some time I tried to play without hudgun models at all because I was told that I should do everything to get rid of any distraction and maximize the field of view. But even after thousands of frags the small aid you get when you see the weapon reloading on your screen helps. I loved the crossbow model since it reminded me of Half-Life but I use all the models which came with collect-edition now.


<starch> I actually switch my hudguns depending on which mode I am playing. For instagib I use the crossbow from CTF edition, because I feel like I have a more stable aim when I use it. For efficiency/ffa modes I use the normal hudguns, but with the transparent weapons mod. I also use pink Ironsnouts because pink works on every single map, unlike yellow skins where it is hard to see on maps like authentic etc.

We would love to know what hudguns and skins you use as well so if you feel so inclined as to comment below we would really appreciate it! :)




  1. Bourbon

    Yellow Ironsnout Skin-default Hudguns, only the Rifle is modificed. I use the white Rifleskin from the Osh Clan Webside.


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