Poll #2 – Vote for the Next Interview

Yes, dear readers, it’s time for a new gimmick again! As part of our weekly poll series, we have something special in store for you.

Over the course of the next week you are going to decide who we will  interview for you!

Here are your options:


Only a handful of people have been around for as long as he has – he’s seen it all. He played against the best and he beat the best. Apart from that, he’s also a talented coder, the server mod “Remod” being his most popular creation.


What did we say about the handful of people that have been there before degrave? Drakas might just be one of them. He founded the first and most successful clan in Sauer, w00p. Lately he’s been working on a match tracking and ranking solution called duel.gg.


He’s the driving force behind cube2.fr, the french community site. Not much else is known about him, but with your blessing we’re going to shed some light on that matter!


The italian mastermind. He’s working on too many crazy things for us to mention one project in particular, but rest assured, it’s going to be an enthralling read if he he enlightens us!


Not only does this guy have a very interesting day job, no, he’s also been moonlighting as an ogros.org admin for quite a while now. We can only imagine what kind of compelling stories lie in store for us if we interview him!

Who would you like us to interview?

  • Drakas (29%)
  • degrave (28%)
  • pisto (16%)
  • Rosine (16%)
  • piernov (12%)
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  1. pix

    If Drakas: what is the long-term goal for duel.gg? what are the differences between the AC community and the Sauer community?

    If pisto: most rewarding/fun/satisfying project you worked/work on? what field would you like to do more in, in terms of coding things around Sauer?

    If piernov: what are some things probably unknown outside of the French community?


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