Flashback Friday: Sauer Tennis

Remember the days when Sauerbraten was all about sitting back with a Tom Collins in one hand and a tennis racket in the other? That’s right, today I bring you the remembrances of Sauer Tennis!



For those of you who don’t remember, Sauer Tennis was a phenomenon brought to you by Hero, Finn and apflstrudl. It was first showcased on Quadropolis in 2007. The idea was simple: get some players together and bounce grenades around until someone was killed.

I was fortunate enough to be active while the first couple of tournaments were being played and again just recently when Hero randomly popped by and a bunch of us decided to play around on it a bit. The map is called “stadion” and can found here on Quadropolis.

Although the game play is a little outdated due to changes in the release of Collect Edition, it’s still a fun little map to play some tennis, complete with toilets and a hall of fame! If you’re interested in giving it a try the rules can be found here.


Have fun!



    1. Jumper

      Great idea. I’m playing in a big tennis myself, and that’s just awesome. I think it could be one of my favourite maps. ;)

  1. Buck

    Very cool map. I’m a tennis player, so I think it would be cool to make another tournament. Not that that would change my skill or anything tho ;) . Idk how legit of a game it is, due to not playing it with another player, but if it is a legit “game mode” I think it would be a fun. Very professionally built map though. One of my favorites :D

  2. notas

    when you say

    “the game play is a little outdated due to changes in the release of Collect Edition”

    do you mean

    “the game play is a little outdated since collect edition nades are undodgeable fireworks that will find you and kill you no matter where you run?”


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