Clan Activity March 2015

What happened in Sauer’s clan scene in the past month? Here’s a quick summary.

Bourbon, previously known as Balboa, joined !s.

Neon left rC and joined cS.

And he’s not the only one: Tamin0, coming from DK, has been accepted to cS, too.

Also Marietto left !s due to personal reasons. Here’s what he told us about his motives:

I play only a few games a week to be competitive and play clanwar (and when i play cw i get too nervous becuase im no more trained, and i cant enjoy the game ), so i prefer to play alone in mix games or in a clan without many  expectation.

Last but not least for this part, Blushie aka Zooc aka nico joined rC.


At this point, we are able to inform you about the birth of a new mapping clan. You may already have seen some players running around with the clantag qq]. Their name is “Quality Qubers” – its members probably being known to most mappers.

Ardelico, Doko, Doom32, MasterTechCC, Mr.Aldo, Akari, Nop_Not_Me

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