List of active Sauerbraten clans. If you want yours to be added or your its details to be changed, message admin at #sauercom channel on Discord

If not explicitly mentioned, the IRC network is always
You can click the link to connect to the respective Discord server or IRC channel (if they exist) or ask member of those clans on discord.
The [tags] indicate the clan’s current recruiting status.

 Fighting Clans


w00p – w00p|


sp4nk – |sp4nk|


Red Butchers – |RB|


Russian Clan – [RUSS]


Impressive Squad – !s]

Dangerous Monkeys – |DM|


No Violence – |noVI:


Dark Keepers – =DK=


sQuare up – [sQ]

  • [recruiting]
  • Ask a member of this clan on Discord.

Synchron – sync’

Makes You Sick  –  =MyS=


Crowd – Crowd>


The Blue Monkey Cult – [tBMC]


Vulture Attack Squad – vaQ’

  • #vaq
  • [dead]


ogros – oo|


Forgotten Dream – [FD]

  • #fd
  • [dead]


Enigmatic Crew – .eC.

  • #eC
  • [dead]

The Rising Cubers – .rC|


voxel army – va|


Mapping Clans


Fanatic Mappers – Fan|

  • #fanatic @
  • [inactive]


CubicMatter – cm|


Mapping Hell – [MH]


Coop Hopes – cH|