Interview with the Rising Cubers

SauerCom’s last interview goes back quite some time. To be precise, eihrul’s interview dates back to November 2013 .. Take that into the equation, add the recent events of the SauerCom Cup and you get? Exactly, an interview with the up-and-coming ‘Rising Cubers’, the winners of our first eCTF cup!

rC is a dark horse in Sauer. You have your roots in AssaultCube, a different Cube mod, however, you switched to Sauer recently. 


Marti: We switched to Sauer on the 23rd of November. AssaultCube went kinda inactive and we had a lot of fun with the Cube game and with our clan’s mentality, so we switched to Sauer, another Cube game. We chose Sauer because Vanquish, yopa and me all had previous experience in Sauer (yopa and me in BoB and Vanquish in MyS). Sauer differs a lot from AssaultCube, but I think we adapted nicely to Sauer now. It’s also much more active as a game which keeps the game appealing and fresh.