List of active Sauerbraten clans. If you want yours to be added or your its details to be changed, message an operator in #sauercom on IRC or write a comment in the forum!

If not explicitly mentioned, the IRC network is always
You can click the ‘hashtags’ to connect to the respective IRC channel.
The [tags] indicate the clan’s current recruiting status.

 Fighting Clans


w00p – w00p|


sp4nk – |sp4nk|


Red Butchers – |RB|


Vulture Attack Squad – vaQ’


Impressive Squad – !s


The Rising Cubers – .rC|


Dangerous Monkeys – |DM|


ogros – oo|

  • #ogros
  • [dead]


Forgotten Dream – [FD]

  • #fd
  • [dead]


No Violence – |noVI:


Dark Keepers – =DK=


Crowd – Crowd>


The Blue Monkey Cult – [tBMC]


Enigmatic Crew – .eC.

  • #eC
  • [dead]


voxel army – va|


Terrifically Good Clan – }TgC{


Russian Clan – [RUSS]


Makes You Sick  –  =MyS=


Mapping Clans


Fanatic Mappers – Fan|

  • #fanatic @
  • [recruiting]


CubicMatter – cm|


Mapping Hell – [MH]