We are thrilled to announce a new Sauerbraten League for the community, launching in approximately 1 week, next sunday. The mission is to help organize games for the remaining players who still enjoy playing this game. The plan is to host events regularly, and provide an ELO & stats system for players to track their skill. Our goal is to run tournaments as smoothly as possible, and have everyone play lots of good matches, not just the top players. Here are all of the details:


!sL Results

… despite the late announcement it has been a quite successful tournament, quite a few clans and players turned up. Here are the results:

Congrats to !s] and potato and big thanks to obst, swat and potato for organizing this.


Race Duel Event + update on Rulechanges

The crew at is starting their first community event. The Race Duel will be played on 10 different racemaps, 5 of wich were made exclusively for this event. Everyone races the maps at the same time and has as many tries as he wants within the 10 minute timelimit. In the end, all your fastest times will be added and the winner is the one with the lowest sum of racetimes. Simple as that! See below.


Clan Activity 2016 #2 + update


Because of all your comments, i decided to write an update. So this is basically a collection of all the comments from below:

  • A new clan has emerged: }TgC{ (website)
    Current Members Are: Mayro, Insano, AshFrag’em
  • Sweeper joined |RB| (no source, what did you expect?)
  • Swattlama joined va| (source)

It’s time again for some clan activity updates. A lot has happened since our last post, so if I missed someone/something, please notify me. Alright here we go: