TOURNAMENT: Holiday 3v3 eCTF – Sunday, Jan. 7

Note: The following text comes from swatllama


To celebrate Christmas, New Years, and a break from school / work / women, I will be hosting a holiday eCTF tournament.

Format: The Sauerduels format will largely be followed. Teams will be randomly sorted into groups, and a best of 1 will be played round-robin. There will be nine maps in the pool, and three groups of maps. One map from each group will appear, and each team will veto a map. The leftover will be played, so for once, being picked last is good and doesn’t get you bullied until you tie a belt around a coathanger and ha…

After the groupstage, the top two groups from each group will move on to the semifinals. The semis will be played in a best of 3, and any one map from each group can be picked. If a tiebreaker (third) map is needed from the third pool, each team will veto one map from that pool. (This means it doesn’t matter who picks firstmap, so out of courtesy, the lower-scoring team from the groupstage will).

Mix teams will be allowed.

Signups will close 30 minutes before the event starts.

Maps: The nine maps will be divided into three pools of three. Pool 1: forge, reissen, haste; Pool 2: redemption, forgotten, mercury; Pool 3: abbey, catch22, twinforts.

When: Jan. 7, 6:00PM / 18:00 CET. Same time as Sauerduels.



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