SVN Tournament Announcement: FFA September

In response to popular request, we are pleased to announce that this September, we will be hosting another FFA event on SVN! All are welcome to sign up!

Instructions to get SVN:

When: September 27th, 6PM CEST

Format: Double elimination, top bracket bo3 and loser’s bracket is bo1. In the winner’s bracket, the higher seed picks, then the lower seed picks, and then the third map is chosen by vetoing until one map is left. The lower seed will veto first. In the loser’s bracket, each player will veto until one map is left, with the lower seed vetoing first.

Maps: hades corruption hator ztn conflict headroom awoken — please note that while 5 of these maps are new in SVN, hator was featured in a recent teamplay event, headroom has been played in an SVN event, and an older version of conflict was as well!


Message swatllama to sign up!



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