SSL September Qualifiers – Results

Day 1 of the SSL September tournament is over and these are the matchups for the (semi)finals next Sunday:

instagib 1v1 [full brackets]

Honzik1 vs lagout

Frosty vs hades

ffa 1v1 [full brackets]

swatllama vs Frosty

Honzik1 vs lagout

efficiency 1v1 [full brackets]

raffael vs lagout

Acuerta vs Frosty

efficCTF 3v3 [full brackets]

|RB| vs !s]

w00p| vs .rC|

Schedule: here


Note from me, Frosty (an ssl admin): Thanks to everyone for participating and being patient while we are trying out a new system for the first time, we expected this and hope to bring a smoother experience next week. Also big golf clap for pisto, Star, and Thomas for their hard work to try and make this is a great experience from the technical side of things. See you next Sunday.



  1. Lokio

    best of luck to everyone who beat me and sincere apologies to anyone I raged at

    also frosty qualifying for all duel modes what a boss

  2. Agalloch

    Honzik the best.

    Jo jenom jim to tam najdej honziku :D At ty sraci vedi kto je tady sef :D


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