SSL September Finals – Results

Finals are over! After some hilarious close matches, here you can see the winners of this month!

instagib 1v1 [full brackets]

1. Frosty

2. lagout

3. hades

ffa 1v1 [full brackets]

1. swatllama

2. Honzik1

3. Frosty

efficiency 1v1 [full brackets]

1. raffael

2. Frosty

3. lagout

efficCTF 3v3 [full brackets]

1. w00p|

2. |RB|

3. !s]

Thanks to everyone for the awesome games. See you next month!




  1. swatllama

    Shoutout to Frosty for placing in the top 3 in 3 modes! Also to Honzik for doing so in 2 and he was supposed to be at least 2nd in insta.

  2. Terminator

    As my very first experience in a tourney (and also in a cw with my new mates ) and I must admit that I really liked it.
    I have never been as focused as I was and never used mumble like I did.
    I really like to pay with my team mates agaisnt other clans, but that time it was quite special.
    Never thought I would have liked the competitive side of sauer, to be honest.
    I really look forward to playing/seeing another tournament.

    P.S: If you could solve those servers problems it would be great, I got tired of getting disconnected every second because of that illegal type thing. Also, I and my team were at time in the server, and I had things to do the following day, regarding the schedule, we shouldn’t have waited like 10 mins or so for the other team to show up.
    Nevertheless, it was a very nice tournament and I hope you carry on doing this.
    (This is a constructive feedback, not trying to put you down :p)
    See you!


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