SSL September Announcement

As many of you have noticed, the SuperSauer League website has been down for quite some time. We are aware and currently working to resolve this issue and will use Sauerworld as a way to communicate to all of you during this time. SSL is undergoing a lot of changes for this month’s event so please continue reading!

Sign Ups

We are currently still accepting signups! If you have been unsure about whether or not you would like to participate just remember that by playing you gain league experience that will help you improve as a player, and we believe that you will have fun too because that’s what it’s really all about. Better hurry though, as signups will close this Friday, on September 11th at 11:59 PM CEST. In order to sign up, simply make a challonge account and use the following links to add yourself to the bracket:







To determine seedings, we will be conducting allvsall matches. We initially had determined we would randomly seed the participants, but we have had a change of heart. The allvsall matches WILL ONLY determine what rank you are in the bracket. All participants will still qualify and there will be no rules such as the top 8 advancing. Once the bracket is ready to go, then all games will be played on a qualifier map (which will be revealed later in this post) in a win or go home situation. This means that only 1 game will be played, if you win you will advance and if you lose you will be eliminated. This process will continue until we have reached the semi-finals in the bracket. This happens when there are only 4 contestants remaining on the bracket. Once we have reached this point in the event, we will continue on to the next mode as the semi-finals and finals games will be played on the next Sunday. On the second day of the tournament, your seedings will come into play. The semi-final and final matches will be carried out in a best of 3 format. So basically, the first to win twice claims victory. The first map will be chosen by the better seed, then the second map will be chosen by the weaker seed, and if necessary the third map will be chosen by the better seed again. All of the maps will be chosen from our handpicked map pools. You will not be able to pick the same map twice throughout the event, so please view our map tracker which will note what maps the players have already picked.



We currently have a document that will show you what maps will be played during the allvsall and the qualifier matches, and lists which maps will be included in the map pool. Please note that all of the qualifier maps were originally included in the map pool, but were randomly selected to be the qualifier maps and therefore have been removed from the map pool. You can view this document here. Now on this list you probably noticed that we will be using custom content for this month’s event. In order to add this content to your game simply download this package and then extract it directly into the /packages folder in your Sauerbraten installation directory. You should get a notification asking permission to merge folders, and you also might get a message asking to overwrite files. If this is the case, you probably already have some of the maps from previous events. However this is an updated version so it is crucial that everyone has the same version so you should definitely overwrite if it asks. Do not worry, it will not erase any of the original files included in the game. This package will be necessary to participate in all modes and to spectate the games if someone selects one of these maps. If you are a participant and your opponent chooses a custom map which you don’t have installed, then you will forfeit that game, but not necessarily the match itself. If you are unsure if this worked, use the command /showcustommaps in game which will list all of the custom maps installed in the game. Be sure to load all of these maps to make sure there are no texture errors.



The event will start on Sunday, September 13th at 5:00 PM CEST. The second day of the event will be on Sunday, September 20th at 5:00 PM CEST Once again we have a schedule which will direct you to when and where each game is being played. We will be using two servers throughout the event. The schedule will be released once the signups have closed so we can finalize the details of the schedule. The schedule will be published here.



A server authkey WILL BE REQUIRED to participate in the tournament. We are currently deploying the authkeys to all of the participants as we speak. If you are a participant please be sure to connect to 28785 and verify that your authkey is working. If not please get a hold of  Frosty, or swatllama in IRC or in game so that we can resolve the issue for you.



You have voted, and thanks to pisto we will have 3 different versions for an anti-cheat client. The three versions will be: sdos-test, comed, and wc-ng. We are currently undergoing tests to ensure that everything will be ready by Sunday, there will be another post the day before the event where we will publish download links so you can make sure everything is in working order. Please note that we will be checking for modified files to prevent people from actions such as removing trees, or modifying maps. So it is recommended that you double-check to make sure that you have all of the original files from the collect edition. You can download the installer from this link. Note that the modification of hudguns and player skins are permitted.


Ban Policy

Now that we have some experience with organizing a tournament we are going to incorporate some new policies to ensure the best experience for all. First off if you are caught cheating, you will be banned indefinitely from participating in the future. We are also going to be strict with no-shows and lates. If you fail to show up for any of the events which you or your clan signed up for, you will be suspended for 1 month from participating. If this happens consecutively you will be suspended for 2 months, or even possibly 3 months. However if you show up for an event after a suspension, we will forgive your punishment. If you are not prepared because either your authkey is not working or you do not have the anti-cheat installed, you will receive the same treatment as we will count this as a no show as well. However we understand that this is the first event which we are going to use this system so there will be some leniency in regards to issues with the anti-cheat detecting modified files. If you are late for your event beyond a couple of minutes, we will also count this as a no show. There will be no exceptions unless you give us advanced notice after reviewing the schedule. If we are running behind schedule and might be unable to participate later in the day, please check the schedule and ask us for an estimate on when your match will commence. In rare circumstances, we might postpone your match to another day. If you signed up and realized that you will be unable to play, please remove yourself from the bracket, or if the bracket is locked, give us a 12 hour notice so we can adjust the schedule accordingly. Otherwise you will again be suspended for a no show. You have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the event so under no circumstances will we be sympathetic for your incompetence.


Pausing Policy

In the last event we had an issue with excessive pausing. For team modes, each team will be allowed once pause per game due to lag, or other technical issues. The pause can either be used by the clan or by us admins if we deem it necessary. However if we notice a pattern of abuse, we reserve the right to revoke this privilege at any time. If there is a disconnect and the pause has already been used, the game will simply continue in a 3v2 or whatever else the situation is until the player can reconnect or until one of the team members yells out a substitute from the spectator list. If there is excessive lag by one of the players, we will force him to spectate until he fixes his ping, so essentially the same situation as above may occur. For duel modes obviously if one player is having issues we will have to pause the game no matter what. We will allow the two players to have some responsibility with this as we will give both of them master to handle pausing. Again if we feel that this privilege is being abused we reserve the right to revoke this privilege and in extreme cases disqualify the abuser.


Thank you for taking the time to read this cumbersome article. If anything is unclear please review the article again and do not hesitate to comment below or ask Frosty in IRC or anywhere else any questions you might have. Happy fragging!





  1. swatllama

    As for the map tracker: If tBMC picks xenon in the semifinals against vaQ’, and vaQ’ picks asgard, tBMC can still pick asgard when we go to the finals. But we CANNOT pick xenon since we already picked it in the semifinals..

    No, xenon and asgard aren’t in the map pool and if you ever see them in the map pool, you’re being trolled.
    Yes, tBMC would beat vaQ’.

  2. Jumper

    “However we understand that this is the first event which we are going to use this system so there will be some leniency in regards to issues with the anti-cheat detecting modified files.” So basically you can cover up a cheater and by saying that anti-cheat bugged? Makes me even more confused what is that ‘anti-cheat‘ made for..

    1. Terminator

      It is not strange at least for me to see you complaining about an anti-cheat client.

      1. Jumper

        If that meant to be that I’m unable to play with it and show myself playing clean then you’re wrong. It’s not a problem for me, I just don’t find it logical since the developer says that I doesn’t prove anything, then what is it made for? Pisto answer to me, why do you make anti-cheat if it doesn’t prove/protect anything?

      2. Lokio

        you know he didnt say “hey btw the anticheat is totally nonfunctional lol guys got u good” right? he just acknowledged that with a first run there could be errors and false positives (reasonably, imo)

  3. Rexus

    What sort of things would the ACC detect? I’ve got custom enemy skins and modified ONLY the rifle sound (Collect rifle is terrible and I prefer the Justice edition sound :p). I know the first won’t be a problem but what about the modified sound?

    1. Lokio

      no answer from me but pls detect modified armor sounds so cheaterfags cant lame it up in ffa

      1. raffael

        +1 disallow whatever you can from modifications :D
        I also use only modified skins from ogros and Justice sounds.


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