SSL August Qualifiers – Results

Day 1 of the SSL August tournament is over and these are the matchups for the (semi)finals next Sunday:

instagib 1v1 [full brackets]

frosty vs Honzik1

neon vs Fear

efficiency 1v1 [full brackets]

raffael vs Lokio

wtf?! vs neon

ffa 1v1 [full brackets]

swatllama vs Honzik1

Lokio vs raffael

instaCTF 3v3 [full brackets]

vaQ’ vs |RB|

.rC| vs |DM|

Schedule: here

For more information head over to!



  1. pisto

    Regarding the technical difficulties, I’m very sorry that I killed a couple of matches. I just didn’t match up the right numbers. The downtime after the ddos was not due to the ddos itself but for some unexpected side effect of the protection (the server was never unreachable, but it cut off the legit connections). But this configuration has proven to work really well and I expect to have zero downtimes for players and spectators altogether next Sunday.


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