!sL continues!

Hello again!

I am happy to announce and remind you that we continue the !sL today. There are even more new maps in the different pools now so make sure you check out http://impressivesquad.eu and http://impressiveleague.org for the latest updates about the rules and brackets.

We start with effic at 5:00pm German time / 3:00pm UTC followed by ectf matches. Mix teams are allowed! Bring your friends and an updated mappack!


  1. aga

    2 late sir. You should make an announcement like 1 week earlier. I already made different plan.

    1. Obstriegel

      I talked to all people I consider active over one or two weeks ago like I do before every event. I always try to talk to at least one representative per clan to get some feedback. Basically only SM said they would play but when they saw the duels they chickened out. Some answered but did not show up others did either not reply at all or told me that they would not make it.
      Sadly many people (even Honzik1) have plans in meatspace at this time because 1st of May is a holiday.
      When I was asking around I already thought to call this a bonus event…
      As I said we continue next Sunday (7th of May) with insta + ectf.


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