SD #22 Effic 1v1 – Pre-Game Analysis

Thanks to, we have at our disposal everything we need for a brief look at the contestants of SauerDuels #22!
For the purpose of our analysis we had sauertracker show us all effic duels since October.

|DM|Lokio (stats)
The favourite for many. 40 effic duels in the past month, of which he won 38. Among his victims the likes of Honzik, Frosty, Redon, Acuerta, and Friteq. Only Rexus and Frosty managed to beat him in said timeframe.

Rexus|sp4nk| (stats)
It speaks volumes that he hasn’t suffered a single defeat since October. Though he’s played fewer games and his opponents were rarely on par with him, the challenges that did appear he mastered spendidly. 94-92 vs Lokio and 86-80 vs Alluro, both on turbine.

|DM|Frosty (stats)
Another DM powerhouse. Only 11 effic duels within our timeframe. Beat Lokio, Alli, Zarah, and fragginfucker on effic orion (you’re not a real sauer pro if you haven’t achieved this feat yet). We assume he has been putting more effort into team modes lately, but there’s not a single soul that would underestimate Frosty in a tournament.

[sQ]Redon (stats)
As the stats suggest he hasn’t been playing a lot of effic duels lately. But first of all, we know him to be a godlike ffa dueller, and secondly, he has played tons of eCTF clanwars in the last weeks. And by ‘played’ I mean ‘scintillated in’! If that’s not enough to scare you … I don’t know what is.

The Great Unknown a.k.a. the top stars who haven’t signed up (yet)
starch (stats): basically invincible; won 16 out of his last 16 duels
raffael (stats): somewhat inactive lately, but when he shows up he’s in it to win it
Honzik (stats): ain’t no tournament without Honzik; still a machine even though he’s struggling to persist against the very best
lagout (stats): also on the rather inactive side of things; always hitting like a truck though

Did we forget your personal favourite? Let us know in the comments.

And look forward to short interviews with a handful of contestants tomorrow!

You can still sign up, be a part of the madness and win our 20€ steam gift that will be raffled among all participants!

Credits go to: for the tournament for the analysis tools!


  1. swatllama

    I was betting on Lokio, but hearing that Frosty managed to beat fragginfucker on effic orion, I am willing to bet my steam account that he goes through undefeated.

  2. Acuerta

    Have at it!

    [One thing that should be mentioned is that – to a certain extent – this is not pure statistical elicitation but my personal opinion.]

  3. Frosty

    From who’s currently signed up, I would have to go with Rexus as my pick, even with less games, at this point he has the highest ceiling, and has good results from previous SauerDuels tourneys. As weird as it sounds, I think Acuerta is the dark horse, his effic talent and history is impressive from early years, and if he is able to play stubborn and hit well with the rifle, he can make it as far as anyone.

    Just a couple other names to throw out there, I think if Partizan or hades were to participate along with the other aforementioned unknown, they have the ability to go deep into the tourney, both have shown flashes of title-winning play, just haven’t been able to stay consistent.


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