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SCL FFA Ladder Week 4 Games | Sauerworld

SCL FFA Ladder Week 4 Games

Fixxxer vs Wollmilch
Cordezz vs Wollmilch
Avior vs Wanderer
Manu vs Wanderer
Darkfire vs Tay

Week 4 Games
Division 1:
Galaxy vs Benkei
Plata vs Galaxy
Master vs Plata
Tay vs 1989 (still, you faggots were supposed to play this in week 2)
Tay vs Benkei
1989 vs Benkei
Master vs Galaxy

Division 2:

ZCrone vs Qur
Rotti vs Secrets
Manu vs Avior
Qur vs Rotti
Secrets vs Manu
Avior vs ZCrone
wanderer vs Rotti
Raze vs Qur

Division 3
Akari vs Neko
Tune vs Wulorc
D4killa vs Wulorc
Wulorc vs Wollmilch
Cordezz vs Fixxxer
tune vs Neko
Akari vs D4killa
Akari vs Cordezz
Fixxxer vs tune



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