Sauer summer break aka ( SauerDuels #28 )

Hello friends I am soo excited at the moment I am writing this review about yesterday tournament. I was happy to see our favorite sauer duels being back after a break. This break made me realized how much I missed those tournaments. The mode this time was effic and for one more time we had everything. Excited games, good weapons combinations, last sec wins, extra times, new players and a lot of fun. Last summer if remember right, the participation wasn’t the ideal one. This time I was surprised about the number of participants. I was so happy seeing new players but also some returns. So we had phonix and degrave coming back, eleisa the new player (welcome) and of course some big names there like raffael, rexus redon, notas lagout, lokio etc. Personally I had a lot of fun playing and watching it, even tough I didn’t perform very well.

The first couple of game didn’t had any surprises. The only remarkable thing in the first couple of games was the winner score. Three of them scored 76 frags which is pretty funny in my opinion. At this point I would like to remind everyone that this tournament has two brackets. The winner and the loser one. The games are best of one and who ever lose has one more chance playing in losing bracket otherwise the player move through the winner bracket.

The most interesting game was between Galaxy and Frosty. Both sp4nk players had a really good game where frosty end up winning by one point. The other results were pretty much expectable. I had to point the good score of Plata which has been improved a lot lately and Tay who almost beat fear.

On the loser bracket we had some mini civil wars. Phonix had to face degrave for the RB civil war and Tay against zarah for the sQ one. Degrave and Tay were the winners. Tamino after his lost from rexus won against mod, plata won against me in an easy game. The final pair was between fixxxer and eleisa. A very interesting pair. Fixxxer after he joined sQ (welcome) he played against our new player eleisa. Both of them I know they trained for this tournament. Unfortunately I had the chance to watch the last minutes but it was really good. Fixxer was ahead by 2 points but eleisa bit by bit manage to lead the game by 1 point until a last second shotgun from fixxer which send the game to the extra time. Amazing last second shot which unfortunately made eleisa lose her focus and fixxer managed to win the game.

Back on winner bracket at the same time raffael had an easy win against Redon, frosty also had a good game against notas. Furthermore we had a chance to watch another amazing game. Lokio against lagout. The first seemed to have an easy game against the second. Lagout even though he was losing with 4 frags from lokio he managed to reduce the difference. The score was pretty close. No one was able to take 2 frag differ and on the last second like fixxer game lagout managed to kill his enemy and with the game. I had to watch that couple of time to realise wtf happened. It seems memento is the map where all the unexpected things happens.

On the other side in the loser bracket notas had an easy game against degrave. Zcrone had a difficult game against fixxera, which unfortunately didn’t had a chance to watch, but he managed to win by 3 points. Redon had a good game against tamino, a very difficult opponent and he took revenge for Tay lose. Galaxy won against lokio which shows how much this player has involved.

On round 4 of winner bracket the most interesting game was between raffael and frosty. Frosty got prepared for this tournament. He played on his favorite map academy. He was doing very well against the previous tournament winner. He was winning by couple of frags during the game and I started to believe that he might win. Raffael on the other side, even tough he came back from a break he showed that he is still here. He managed to win the game by 4 frags. On the other game Rexus had an easy win against lagout who was clearly rusty in general.

At the same time Redon had a very good game against notas on the loser bracket. The map was aard3c which in my opinion worked in favor of Redon. Galaxy on the other side had a very easy game against zcrone who in general had a good tournament.


For the winner bracket we had the early final. Rexus vs Raffael. The map was turbine. I think Rexus had a lot of pressure on this point that’s why he didn’t perform very well or he decided to keep his focus for the real final. On the loser bracket, Redon who in general had an amazing tournament managed to beat lagout but then to lost against Frosty, who won against galaxy in a very good game with only 6 frags difference.


Loser bracket final was between Rexus and Frosty. The latter proved that he was aiming high. The map was memento and with a bit lag help and plenty of skill Rexus managed to be the big victor here. Next we have the real finals. After a break it was time for the big final. Rexus vs Raffael. Honestly guys I went to watch a movie with friends and I was watching the final from my phone at the same time. Turbine game was far more interesting and excited from the first x-man movie we watched. Sorry if that upset some x-man fan. Both players machine gun was amazing. Raffael got a bit more lucky spawn a got the game. The next game was on Academy were unfortunately for Rexus he lost by 4 points.

So that is guys a very good tournament with beautiful games and I hope we can see more of it. Next week is FFA turn which I definitely recommend to give it a try. At this point I would like to make some honorable mentions of players who stood out. At least from my point of view and they stood out for different reasons. First of all fixxer, he had really good games and I think he deserve a bravo. Next is Plata, I have seen him training a lot and I am happy to see that pay off and he deserve it. Redon had very good games. He won against some good effic players. Galaxy continue his streak of good performances. Frosty also had plenty of good games, even against raffael. Finally of course I am gonna mention Raffael who won his 5th title and Rexus who also performed very well.

That’s it guys. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you had plenty of fun as I had. I would like to know how do you feel about this tournament. Who do you think had a good performance and why. See you next time friends.

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