RESULT: SauerDuels #19

Sauerduels #19 Comment by Tophy

Ladies and gentlemen,
now, almost one year after the first SauerDuels event started, we’ve already reached number nineteen.
This time it wasn’t – compared to previous events – a really crowded tournament.

Only nine people participated. The tournament was seeded into two groups: Group one contained Rexus, Gangler, Alluro, hamon and Mod; the second group featured oldies like raffael and notas, along with Jawer and BudSpencer.

Well, the games in the group stage were pretty much the results I personally expected:

The first group was a mixture of well-known top players of Sauer named Rexus and Gangler and other good players like Mod, Alluro and hamon. Rexus – as expected – won all of his games.

Gangler had some nice plays and was placed in semifinals, along with Rexus. Alluro being a worthy opponent finished 3rd. Our unusual and new duelists hamon and Mod, both not being bad, played their games and were placed 4th and 5th. Good games!

In the second group, raffael managed to win all of his games and was automatically advanced to semifinals, notas, being not warmed, played solid and finished 2nd, also being advanced. The disappointment was BudSpencer, he lost all three fights and made Jawer finishing 3rd.

Semifinals were passing by fast, Rexus won notas in some epic fights two times and continued to fight in finals.
On the other side, raffael was facing Gangler and managed to double-win him as well. A Rexus vs. raffael final was set in stone.
The game for the third place was wild and entertaining leading to a close win for notas over Gangler.

The final was a best of three. This time, Rexus and raffael fought for the crown. Raffael was defending his title and won the first game on academy. Then, Rexus showed his abilities and finished raffael against all odds on turbine. The grandfinal, played on memento, was a galactic fight between two giants; both players made it hard for the other one but finally, raffael made the deciding frag in the last second making him win his second effic title in a row.

Overall, it was – again – a nice and well-organized tournament so I want to thank Frosty and Origin, sacrificing their free time to host the event, making it smooth and memorable. I’d also leave credits to notas who was fighting with lags while streaming and criticizing the games with his pleasant voice.
And last but not least, I hereby thank all people who participated and watched these interesting and thrilling fights.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice day!

PS: Since this is my first article for SauerWorld I’m open for any kinds of constructive criticism and ideas for future comments. Thanks!

~BudSpencer aka Tophy

notas’ stream part I:
notas’ stream part II:


  1. notas

    ‘criticizing the games with his pleasant voice’ – lmao


    unacceptable capitalization of my name in paragraph 5 or so ;-P

    and omission of the best story of the tournament, godspencer’s near upset of the tournament favorite and eventual winner, raffael. A thrilling ot that came down to the last seconds.

    otherwise nice writeup <3


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