RESULT: SauerDuels #16 – Effic 1v1

WARNING: May contain traces of opinion!

The 16th edition of SauerDuels has completed successfully. It saw 16 participants show up with all except few best active (including one weird Llama that never shows up) players showing up. There were two groups of 8 players and 1st placed from each group would go directly to finals.

The sp4nk clan lineup looked terrifying, they showed up with almost all of their best effic players: notas, starch, Frosty, hades. Only Rexus, who previously won and placed 2nd in effic at SauerDuels, was missing.

With three sp4nks getting placed in the group A most of the players thought it was guaranteed for a sp4nk to have a participant in finals. This didn’t worry Partizan since he comfortably won against starch and Frosty (Partizan vs Frosty), losing only to notas after two exciting overtimes on the turbine. Since notas lost to Frosty (notas vs Frosty and starch (notas vs starch), it was Partizan who advanced directly to finals. This group also saw 4 other perspective newcomers: Ren4rd, shuzo, ZCrone and Atheroz. They all show a promising level of skill when take into account the amount of the time they invested into the effic mode.

In the group B, raffael placed 1st ahead of hades and Lokio, who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Jawer and Shinnok had a solid performance and dipslayed some nice plays. After disappointing first-round loss Friteq wasn’t willing to put on his best performance and compete seriously any further.

In the grand finals, winners from group A and B, Partizan and raffael clashed. First map was the turbine (recording of turbine). Partizan showed some skills and won the map without sweating. Second map was legazzo (recording of legazzoand this time it was much more of a close fight. However, raffael managed to win it and force the 3rd and deciding map. The academy (recording of academy) was played as a final map and raffael won against Partizan. Partizan had some amazing plays during the tourney and seems as one of most promising players for the times to come.

Our lovely old-timer notas streamed the tourney and saved the recordings. Sadly, he didn’t do much of commenting this time. Since we all love to hear his expert analysis, we hope he will do it in the future. You can check the VOD on his Twitch page, and please give that man a follow!

Big thanks to everyone for watching the games and of course, thanks to players for participating:

  • Atheroz
  • Friteq
  • Frosty
  • FRY
  • hades
  • Jason
  • Jawer
  • Lokio
  • notas
  • Partizan
  • raffael
  • Ren4rd
  • Shinnok
  • shuzo
  • starch
  • ZCrone

And most importantly, big thanks to Frosty and Origin for hosting, managing and keeping up this great serial of tourneys! <3

You can find the bracket here and check out the official SauerDuels page for more details!

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[1:22 AM] Frosty: Just a mini-announcement for those interested, from now on I will be including semi-finals matches for future tournaments, I know a lot of you have been asking for this for awhile already, and now I think it’s time to try it.

If anyone feels these summaries are any useful, we will try to keep them coming after every tourney.



  1. notas

    This column need the *warning – this post contains traces of opinion* tag.


    We’ll be back next time when starch isn’t hungover and puking and the ruleset doesn’t let you get knocked out by 1 loss

  2. swatllama

    “homie better pick academy”
    Rexus: My comrade art will rek him on aca
    swatllama: partizan’ll probably veto it unless he’s retarded

    We all saw that one coming.


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