Q&A #9 – Why are you in your current clan, or if you are clanless, why? Also what is it like being in your clan?

With this episode of our weekly Q&A series we want to give you a closer look behind the scenes of a clan. Therefore, we asked players with clan as well as clanless players about their reason to be in a clan respectively to stay clanless. Look what they had to say!

<swattlellama> tBMC is a clan of people who are my friends. If I joined any other clan, I’d be with people I tolerate. Maybe I’d be with people I like a little, and I’d be able to kick ass and rape the map with them, but I wouldn’t get as much satisfaction as I do talking and playing and fucking around with people I’ve known since my beginnings in Sauer.
And phobo said he’ll give me a barrel of wine for christmas if I’m a good llama!

<starch> I am in !s because many of my old friends are there, and many great new friends. As friends we are closer together than any other clan I have been in. There are great veteran players, there are highly skilled new players, there are young players and there are older players. There are people from all over the world in !s, of our current 23 members, we come from 14 different countries. We are also beginning to be very competitive, we won our first eCTF cup and our first iCTF cup. Obstriegel and Milch-Mann have created something very strong in the last couple years, they successfully created a new and competitive clan, which is very had to do.
Being in !s is a lot of fun, we are always on mumble together, and always finding fun in sauerbraten even if it is not competitive. There are a few of us which also play a few other Steam games together as well. It’s great that we can have a lot of fun even if its not in sauerbraten, but also that we can field multiple highly competitive teams if needed.

<alkfly> I play sauerbraten for the fun, skills are nice but fun go’s first. In this clan i think ive found some active great people to have fun with and play with. Some of them i know since the beginning of playing, others i know just a month now but all of these people are nice, skilled and fun to play with. I can also see that the most members of DK are beloved by lots of other players because they know ‘where DK is, s fun’. I like the idea of having a team in a game. It gets better when that team is the kind of team, DK is. The fun on mumble (sometimes while not even playing) is priceless. Also getting in touch with some of the best players is a thing i like, duelling, cw or playing mixed games with them is for me the way to improve myself. Im kinda new in effic so thats a thing i want to learn.

<johnkills> I never wanted to be in a clan because to me people that joined clans wanted to be cool, wear sunglasses while playing and feel like they are in a rock band. That is why I never wanted to be involved in any of it. Then I realized it was more than that. People actually really found interestings ways to have fun while involved in clans. Then oo| happened. I already knew nemex, S4 , didda, moo, zurk, zero from everyday gaming. It was quite easy fitting in oo|, everybody is pretty chill. Except one oo| that sometimes rage but even him seems relaxed lately. Almost like a hive mind. We dont talk, we understand each other by staring at each other eyes in the dark, they shine you know. Yeah, being oo| is more like joining a species instead of a clan.
Other clans I thought of joining, WS and tbmc. However, shooting tbmc is more fun. Specially the fatties.

<wtf_>After being a member of a really friendly, but somewhat less competitive clan and a team just for fun and to have some nice games with (BoB and wp respectively) , I now joined w00p. w00p is not like any of the clans I’ve been in before and is way more focused on victory than the clans I’ve been in before. This attitude towards games intrigues me and I really enjoy being part of it.

<Sweeper> Well im clanless because im tired of all those bitchfights between the clans. Fohlen was actually pissed due to the fact that lots of people came to him and cried about me. Seriously guys, get balls and talk to me personally. Another reason why i like to be clanless is that sauer doesnt provide the kind of clans i seek for. I dont seek friends or a second family but i want some kind of a professional atmosphere. I use to bang a girl if i feel lonely but i wouldnt think about joining a clan. The clans in sauer seem not to care much about competitive playing as they often prefer to play boring intern games instead of some challenging cws, and refuse when asked. The only good thing about beeing in a clan is that it allows you to practice thogether with others and gives the opportunity to play clanwars and tournaments. I wouldnt recomment anyone to join a clan just because the people in there are nice. You can always hang out with them on mumble or teamspeak without beeing in the clan. Oh and you wont be forced to wear an ugly clantag that ruins your cool nick.

Obviously most of our informants had mainly good experiences in their clans. Did you also have only good experiences in your (ex)clan and if not, what kind of negative ones did you have?

Leave us a comment with your experiences!




  1. pix

    I’m part of noVI because I like all of them a lot. We may not be the best fraggers or have the most advanced tactics, but we have a lot of fun when we do 3on3 internals or other mixed games with cool people! And that’s what the playing part of Sauer is all about in my opinion! :)

  2. Lokio

    As a lot of other people have said, I’m in my clan (DM) because of the awesome people that make it up. It would be tough to find a group of people that are as funny and fun to be around as DM is for me. While we’re pretty good at sauer, we still play for fun more than anything else – which means they can tolerate me even when I do something like this. I never really thought of myself as a clan person, as my stays in my previous clans were pretty short-lived, but I feel like I’ve found a community worth sticking with in DM.


  3. bandandit

    I joined DM only a few months after I began playing the game. My skill was pretty weak at the beginning (slightly worse than it is now) and I thought it would be cool to join a clan to help me develop my skill. After having become friendly with Colo and a bunch of other guys that hung out in the DM channel, I decided that I also wanted to be a monkey. It’s been a blast ever since! Although some of our member have since left we’ve always had a very positive clan attitude and a ton of fun in and out of game! (You should see some of our crazyy funny irc logs :) It’s sad to me that we’re not as active anymore because we were once a very competitive clan, but it doesn’t diminish from the fact that our members still love being a part of of DM because of it’s awesome members. And, what Lokio said!

  4. greenadiss

    I don’t agree with Sweeper but I respect his opinion. And it’s totally fine. There are different kinds of people who seek for clans to which they can belong. That’s why we have not only one clan and having a good time during clanwars :D

    For me clan is not just a team with which I can play internal games or clanwars. We like and respect each other. Our internal atmosphere is calm and lovely, we never blame each other in being noobs because we all are noobs :D

    Love you noVI <3

  5. Agalloch

    Why i am in a current clan
    “Because i moved here from |BoB|”

    What is it like being in my clan
    “To laugh hard on losers”

      1. Acuerta

        I gave you one, too, for your self-irony. :D

        “To laugh hard on losers”



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