Q&A #4 – How did you enjoy the DKSC event and what would you change if you could?

For our 4th Q&A we asked several participants, spectators and a caster to comment on the recent DKSC:
How did you enjoy the recent DKSC event and what would you change if you could?

<Frosty> I’m still bitter about Drunken’s “suspicious” play, nevertheless I think the seedings could’ve been mixed up a little and there are a lot of better choices than catch22 though it was nice to have some change. Also whoever was able to prevent those annoying server attackers (pisto?) from ruining the games, big thanks to you!

<Agalloch> well, whole tournaments of dksc are great since there is something we really enjoy. Doesnt matter if i play or not, its always fun as for spectators, as for players. Sometimes i feel like i was much more nervous than our guys in game. There are always some problems which should be fixed. But for sure there is missing anticheat client. Id only change two thing. Missing more respect and a bit more clans.

<Nighty> In my opinion the event was great. Although it could’ve been better may choices and a better bracket. I really enjoyed watching the community come together for another great tournament. If there was something i could change about the event i would have to say the brackets and the choice of maps.

<TheEnd> Speaking for myself, it was a quite negative experience. We had to play versus a clan, in which 90% of all members are known cheaters ( }UL{ ), who weren’t kicked until they played versus vaQ’. But apart from this, my overall impression is that it was a well executed event. The servers weren’t lagging and everyone had a good ping. I also appreciate that the DKSC event supports the community. For the next time i’d suggest that cheater clans will be banned beforehand or that there will be an anticheat client present.

<degrave> It was nice to play, but problem of all new tournaments is not strict rules, need to create full ruleset

<lagout> In our first match up, we had to play 4 games: we won the 1st, then we tied, then they won.. The 3rd map should only be played if necessary and when they won it, the rule set was unclear about what should happen next. But besides these small flaws, it’s always good to see some new events taking place on sauer.

<Vanquish> well I wasn’t able to play in it due to the fact that it was on a Sunday and that day is generally pretty bad for us as a team on the whole. so i can only really comment from a spectator’s perspective. only thing i’d say, that was bad was the fact that the brackets were rather unbalanced as acuerta mentioned, it didn’t really allow the best teams to get the results they deserved in my opinion. i guess also that from the perspective of a spectator/caster, ictf is also a lot less interesting to watch than ectf for example. so i’d probably just say the two main things to improve upon for next time would be: better bracket, better mode.

<Sativa> Well the recent iCTF tournament hosted by DK was imo a pretty well ran tournament. They did have some issues but were able to fix it in the later rounds. One thing was that they should have added more time when the teams ended in a draw. Also, it would have been nice to see a double elimination format to give other teams a chance to play more games than just a one and done. Other than that I had a fun time and hope the next event a succes. Oh and shout out to vanq and waffles for nice live comm.

What are your thoughts and impressions on the DKSC? What would you change? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. pix

    > known cheaters, who weren’t kicked until they played versus vaQ’

    Who, and did they actually get kicked? I couldn’t be there so I know literally nothing about how the tournament went.

    1. star

      I added the clan in question, which I removed from his comment for some unknown, very late, very tired, very idgaf, abbreviations ftw, #coalabear, #funkytown

      1. SomeGuy

        vaQ’ “beat” UL, DK “beat” Crowd> … I don’t see it.

  2. Fear

    px they got kicked after they lost vs us and not while the games or before the games started.


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