Q&A #16 – Which Sauerbraten client do you use and why?

With Sauerbraten being an open source game, it was inevitable that some skilled programmers would seek to build their own client modifications in order to fulfill the desires for advanced features. So in this week’s edition of Q&A we asked the community: Which Sauerbraten client do you use and why? Continue reading to learn more!

<Star> I use the extra-a client from ETERNALSAUSAGE, because of it’s incredible codebase, his ingenuity of features and because he  is such a nice fellar. Also the improved network code makes me feel much more superior, although only 1/8th of the servers support it.

<cs4> actually comed interface plus Thomas client :D. it has anticheat (sic!) and also coz it has wahnclients portions

<Aonikenk> iam on linux using crash because i can use more settiings, i can change the skins very fast. on windows i like supersauer

<ztk> i use the stock client, cause I’m a lazy monkey

<Papriko> I use the default client, with a hand full of custom additions. partially to learn C++, but also to get exactly the features I want, sometimes I also take features from other clients as well, such as cm edition’s /senddata and nyne used me as guinea pig for some fanatic edition features as well :P

<Fear> I was using the WC-client for ages, before i changed to pistos Sdos-client. His client brought a lot of new things to sauer, like multipoll for example (more info). When i saw, there was a new client which is based on pistos client, i had to try it. The client i’m talking about is the Comed-client. There are many different reasons why i’m using this client at the moment. One of the main reasons is, as i already said, that the client is based on pistos client, which means that also SDL2 is included. When i changed from WC-client to the Sdos-client, i had HUGE problems with my mouse, since Sdos is using direct mouse input. This problem didn’t appear, when i changed from Sdos to Comed. On the other hand, the crew of comed added some really nice features to their client, which forced me to play with it. Such as the colored smoke trails of your shots, the damagereceived and damagedealt display, which you can add to your scoreboard and the ammobar. Also the client sided demo recording is a nice feature. But there is also one feature, which some players count as cheat. The command i talk about, is “playernamesize”, because it allows you to increase the size of the name over the head of a player. This will give you an advantage, but since you arent forced to use this command, i see no problem in it. If you want to be a fair sportsman, just don’t use it. In the end, i can recommend this client to everyone who already had some experiences with SDL1 or SDL2.

It seems like there are many different sauer clients out there to satisfy all of your needs. Now you know what to do, make a comment below!


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  1. Vanquish

    default, because my mouse movement is fucked with sdl2 and I’m too lazy to try out every sdl1-based client again

  2. Suicizer

    Using default Sauerbraten obviously; (nearly) all modified versions which are still using the same masterserver are cheat-clients.

  3. Timakrov_Gunn

    If it counts, I currently use the SVN version of the default Sauerbraten client. I have been trying to learn C++ through it and have put in some features on my client whilst still trying to keep close to the simplicity and fairness of the default, of course.

    Forgive me if this goes out of topic, but this is just my opinion on the clients other people might use.
    I used to use a couple of nice ‘n decent clients. Crash, Supersauer, SDL2_test, SauerEnhanced, even FanEd. I even tried out (and liked so far) the ComEd. I stopped using those for a couple reasons.

    -Crash was nice with customizable features. I did get tired of the overbright skins, though, and there were a very few options I noticed that doesn’t seem to do anything. It could be that I set up wrong.
    -SuperSauer was also nice with its own customizable features, but from time to time, the playermodels seem to ‘disappear’ the next time I start SuperSauer up.
    -SDL2-test was nice, but it is a beta sort of client (tell me if I’m wrong).
    -ComEd is very nice with the neat features, especially the automatic demo recording. I know the other clients have it, but I felt that I had little to no struggle with ComEd’s automatic clientside demo recording. The thing is, I did run to some issues when trying to edit maps (the last time I used ComEd, when I tried to access the further mapmodels in the model list, the ComEd crashes on me. It doesn’t happen in the other clients, though), and as Fear mentioned, there was the playernamesize. I considered it more of an annoyance, though. I used it once, I find myself paying more attention to the names rather than the actual enemies.
    -FanEd was very nice indeed, what with all the cool effects to the weapons and such, along with the editing help, but I did felt there were a lot of… ‘exploits’. By that, I mean that there were options that I did feel to be ‘cheating’ to certain extents, such as the teamsmoke, and the big crosshair names (which would destroy Tortuga’s fog cover). Not only that, but I get this very strange low fps when I access the options in the client. I will also say that, as I discovered just before I stopped using FanEd, I felt that the Racing servers were exploited by FanEd.
    -Finally, the SauerEnhanced client. I loved it. The other clients have used features from the SauerEnhanced client, which is the father of the nice HUD feature. The thing is, I have felt that since all the other clients have some of SE’s features, the client itself sort of ‘died’.

    I don’t mean any hatred to these clients. They are good clients, especially ComEd. I just decided to move deep into the roots.

    1. Timakrov_Gunn

      Oops. Sorry about the image above. Thought that would change the avatar icon.

  4. Suicizer

    I miss the first official Sauerbraten trailer which used the icon that appeared till Trooper edition came out.


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