Q&A #14 – What was your favorite year in Sauerbraten?

This week we asked some players (and one of the creators of the game himself) one simple question:


What was your favorite year in Sauer, and why?


Haylo: 4 or 5 years back I enjoyed playing with halfwit, selinux, hero, mamba, skinnypup, nooba, carl, rizzle, unlix. there are not quite as many people that i know around any longer

Halfwit: 2008 fd appeared 26

Thomas: well, i guess 2010 where we still had a working and competitive league…

FrozenRain: 2010ish, because thats when I first started to actually play sauerbraten, and I found an american clan, which was pWn. long story short, made friends real quick, spent lots of nights staying up late just doing random shit. first time I ever did ictf vs 101 bots. lots of fun

Razgriz: That is a hard one to answer. I’ve been on sauerbraten for a lot of years and i don’t really favor one in particular. sometimes i was focused more on playing with others, sometimes i would coop-edit a lot, sometimes i just messed around with scripts. but the best times i’ve had were definitely when there was a little healthy competition to things and friendly gatherings. for example, there was a time when Chaos, who is probably still in sp4nk, got into scripting. it was very enjoyable trying to create a superior version of the same idea. sadly it didn’t last very long, but i’d like to think our little competition was for the better, considering what came of it.

my best times coop-edit wise would be in my very early years, and at some point during the middle of my time in this game. when i first got into this game, it was still in ctf edition. although i hadn’t explored any aspect of the actual gameplay for several months when i joined, the sessions of my coop-edit were definitely some of the most fun i’ve had with people for years to come. especially considering that back then, people wrecking maps and being jerks were few and inbetween, at least from my limited perspective. my only proof would be that i still have the first map i made with others, although i’ve long since only kept the last version of it.
besides that, there was also a point when i was pretty close to a lot of the members within the mX clan. i wouldn’t call it true friendship, considering i don’t actually know the real names of any of them but two, but they knew me and i knew them and fun was had. the instances i remember best was when we would play on their maps. it’s safe to say that many of them had amazing skill in editing and creating sweet environments way ahead of their time compared to other editing clans. specifically i remember one day when we went to this school map they had made and decided to roleplay together. i’ve hadn’t laughed that hard in years from our shenanigans. and as far as i’m aware it was sadly one of the last times the members of the clan got together like that. so i can’t really tell you what my best year was, sorry about that.

greenadiss: Since I seriously started to play sauer only in late 2009, the best year for me was 2010, the year when I just joined RB and was all enthusiastic about everything. The shit around was unknown for me, also it was not so colorful as later. 2010 was like my childhood in sauer, nice and amazing. People became bitter later, I believe, when new and amazing things just stopped happening, when people have reached their maximum levels and didn’t know what else to do. 2010 was all positive for me, I was naive :). Also 2010 was the year when I found myself to be ashamed of not knowing english, so I decided to learn it. Thank you all who helped and still helping me, I appreciate it very much. It’s not like the next years were bad, no. Every year gave me a lot of experience with people. I like the community. I like the things we do for the community. After all, you all are my sauer family and I like all of you, even the ones who are annoying as fk. Well, to who am I telling these lies? I dislike annoyance and people who annoy me but I understand that I can be one of them.

Thank you for such a nice and nostalgic question.

Honzik1: My most favourite year was 2014, because I found finally a clan where I am very happy to play teammodes with my teammates

eihrul: Hard to pick, but i would say the first few years of Cube 1. The community was smaller and friendlier, and there was a lot less angst. People just focused on making maps and playing them, and nobody was complaining every 5 minutes about this or that thing the game couldn’t do relative to <Quake, Crysis, Unreal, Half-Life, etc. etc.> There was overall just a greater sense of community.


What was your favorite year? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Agalloch

      Because i cannot edit my post, i answer as a reply on my previous post.

      I loved probably 2010? 2009? When i found TC and wanted to be TC so much :( I loved regen-capture and they played it daily. I saw a lot of clans around and then i found my first clan ]RS[.

  1. bandandit

    I’d have to say it was just after I joined DM from the summer of 2009 and into 2010. I think a lot of clans experienced a similar level of comradery during those years. DM had a really close group of members (much like it does today) which spent countless hours playing together both on public servers and competing in clanwars. We also had a ton of fun and laughs in our irc channels.

    However another one of my favorite years would be now in 2015. Although there isn’t as much “clan” competition, I really do enjoy getting together with people from all other clans in both irc and mixed games, which is something I didn’t really do back in the day. I really enjoy the friendships I’ve made with people since coming back to the game this year.

  2. Suicizer

    I loved the period of 2008 – 2010.
    Back in those years the community felt way more active.
    There were more modes to play which were totally different from other official ones (like Tactics Arena, Insta-Capture, Assassin, etc). Although some might disagree; they did get played now and then and it’s a shame they disappeared out of the scene.
    There also wasn’t any CTF back in early 2008 yet which felt great! Deathmatch was ruling the servers among with Regen- and Classic-Capture.
    I was involved in a fun-to-play clan (WS, also knows as We Suck (1st gen), Wild Sex (2nd gen) and Without Sense (3th gen)! Of course some period of time I’ve cuddled with Razgriz while being at mX.

  3. swatllama

    I think my favorite year was 2009 and earlier 2010, when }TC{ and I wanted to firebomb eachother, and I’d be muted and banned nearly daily from PSL by my friends (no, I’m not facetious) bandandit and mefisto.

    I liked fucking around with the noob editing community. There was some organization called MM, where we made a giant ass ship. There were some RRR guys, who had the motto “IN RRR, WE SHOOT BLUE” and they made a jail map that was fun as fuck to play.
    There was some “Gangster HQ” map, where we’d play pretty much “Cops and Robbers,” and hide out and do shit you’d expect people to do on the playground, but with a lot more racial slurs and cussing.

    It was awesome then. I got to play instaprotect with my brother and clanmate, and the people who would become my clanmates would come on in plentiful numbers then, and in 2010, and we’d have some awesome games just as companions on PSL… after the four hour bans expired.
    Regen capture was great then. I’d have teammates with whom I could communicate and coordinate attacks – a lot of the people haylo talked about (including haylo!). We’d always try to end our nights together by playing either relic or one of blindabuser’s maps before we wrapped the night up, or when killasmurf had to go, or Nooba’s kids got home.

  4. Zoocata

    The correct answer is 2009. The community was awesome and I was first starting to really understand what I was doing. A lot of my long lasting friendships are from that time period as well!

  5. Chaos

    I wish I could pinpoint one year in particular that I could call my favorite, but I think I’m in the same boat as Raz. Had a lot of fun while I was in vaQ (around 2011 I think) playing with Finn, t-chen, kaz and the rest of the old-school vaQ crew. Competing with Raz was very fun as well :D I’m always around, Raz, find me on IRC! Of course my time in sp4nk has been equally rewarding and fun too. So no, I can’t select one year in particular.

  6. hades

    My favorite year was probably 2012, but only because i stopped playing on bullshit servers and got into playing competitively. Also joined my first clan [FD] where we had unforgettable memories (shout out to 2012 sparta) and a great time in mumble.

  7. Regulator

    Every second of every year that the insta Venice tdm server has been up, had between 10 and 20 players, and at least half of those players were just walking targets for me to try to hit 100 off of.


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