Q&A #11 – What other games do you play? Are they as enjoyable as sauer?

For this week’s edition of our Q&A series we asked a group of players about their gaming experiences beyond the wonderful world of sauerbraten. Continue reading to find out about the different games the members of our community play!


<px> no I don’t play any other games, except every now and then with friends on gaming nights. Those are almost more enjoyable than sauer, most of the time :P

<swatllama> Quake Live and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, none are as enjoyable as sauer. And assaultcube, and warthunder; same thing applies. And them NFS games, but porsche unleashed’s only fun to play when my brother’s watfching. with sauer the community interactions and the quality of the community is superior to every other game I’ve played. I like the pace of the game. While the weapons really were not well thought-out, and each of them has issues (besides grenades of course), it’s still a very fun game to duel in. I don’t have to think thaat much, so I can kinda veg out. Even in ffa, I only have to time one item and keep a general idea of another. In quake I have to always be alert. And Counterstrike doesn’t have duels.I don’t have to be much of a teamplayer in mixes in sauer, but in other games, you have to play and coordinate as a team. Ooh! We have lotssa modes too! Even though those {ANUS} fucktards kinda killed regen capture, having the modes is awesome, cause there’s potential to play capture regen, or hold, or protect, or collect.

<Friteq> I play AssaultCube from time to time,not so often.When AC is active it is as enjoayble as Sauer. Also I like to play Gothic 2/Skyrim from time to time or Europa Universalis IV.These games(the last which I mention)are really cool and enjoyble,for sure more relaxing than Sauer but I think Sauer is still my favorite.

<Fatality> I don’t play anything anymore other than Sauer. I used to play video games like it was my job, which included Zelda, Super Mario, Quake 3 Arena (when I used to sneak on when I was 12 or 13 when my parents weren’t home), James Bond, then Call of Duty where I did nothing but rage, so I eventually found Sauer and consider it my retirement from gaming. If it weren’t for this small community I wouldn’t be playing at all.

<Fleet> I’ve played Xonotic a little; that looks promising….other than that just the occasional freeware shooter or platformer. Sauer has a nice old-school feel to it….almost a simplicity. Newer games focus a lot on trickjumping and parkour and things like that


It’s great to see that a lot of players are able to enjoy more games than just sauer. We encourage you to share your own gaming experiences with us by using the comments section below!




  1. Vanquish

    ac = pretty much what friteq said. activity is kinda comparable to sauer, i’d only say that during holidays it’s more active and during non-holiday times it’s less active. people are always willing to play clanmatches in AC (it’s preferred to mix games which i think is something sauer could learn from), and duels are sadly less popular because i believe the duelling metagame is better than insta or effic in sauer, although sauer’s ffa blows AC’s duel mode out the water by a mile and a half. tbh the reason why i still play is because i’ve known my teammates for several years in this game and it kinda makes the whole experience a lot more fun. i think i’d be sick of the game completely if i were clanless/in another clan or something.

    csgo = hovering between MG2 + MGE, haven’t really played in a while though due to the fact that it’s full of xiters and also that i can never permanently seem to get up to DMG :( still following tournaments and stuff tho, so glad GTR got named htlv’s #1 player of 2014 (yes i’m a NiP fanboi) :D

    minecraft = pretty cool if you just wanna chill and not have to really massively focus on something competitive. there’s a strongly developed metagame which prevents it from getting boring, although i think the fact that there’s so much stuff to learn probably drives a lot of people away from the concept since it’s just seen as “breaking blocks” and shit

    quake live = somewhat lost interest after the fated 29th august update but i still play, ffa + tdm games are fun. ca is ridiculous and i hate it. i think i’m tier 4 for every mode except race, harvester and then the other two that i’ve never played. the competitive scene is dying which sucks, even though i’m not at a high enough level elo-wise to even think about competing myself it’s still disheartening when you just hear “kweyk iz ded” despite the fact that competitions like the 125fps leagues and stuff are still happening. ql nick is “vanqu1sh” if anyone wants to add me.

    q3 cpma = i tried it and if there’s any argument for quake being dead then this is it. literally only 3 servers and i got kicked after 2 minutes because i’d never seen the map being played before and went in the wrong direction, lol.

    skyrim = 2nd best game ever

    oblivion = best game ever

    not sure if I should list sauer since i’m not really “active”, but I wouldn’t be bothering to check this site if I didn’t think it was a cool game, just been lacking motivation to play recently. nice to see that the competitive scene seems to be doing well and growing/etc though :P

    1. swatllama

      Impressive rank for CS:GO. Silver 4 w00t!

      For quake, yeah, that august update really destroyed ffa and TDM, and harmed CTF quite a bit. Sucks what they did the LG, since that’s the only weapon besides rail that I can competently use.
      For the competitive scene there, even though it’s “dying,” isn’t it still much more enormous than our sauer scene? :P Also, is the c ompetitive scene just what I see zoot and ddk streaming, really? Or is there more, like stuff the 1800’s and the 1900’s and stuff do? I saw duelcup.com or whatever, but is that it?

      I’d add you, but it’s tough to play overseas; ping :/ Unless you can connect decently to Virginia or DC?

      Sauer + tBMC for life! I’ll have a copy of Sauer on some computer in 20 years, if I’m not dead yet.

      1. Vanquish

        yeah it’s pretty bs, they should fix the outdated netcode instead of adding useless stuff like loadouts. i found that the whole idea of trying to “balance the game for newbies” by allowing experienced players to spawn with an lg instantly. there’s still stuff like #ffapickup and #tdmpickup you can join in with, the ffa one’s pretty cool although i’m not experienced enough at tdm to want to try a real pickup game with the classic ruleset :P

        btw it’s even worse than zoot and ddk now. zlive are still doing their thing but zoot’s busy with university so it’s mainly a combination of a finnish guy called shpuld, a south african guy called fnx, and some russian lady called enjoyka doing the casting. if we’re lucky we might see zoot sometimes though. some russian guy called Alexey A is basically the reason quake hasn’t completely died altogether as he donates something like $1000 USD a month towards an otherwise meagre prize pool of a league called 125 fps, which is basically the only regular competition going on right now except for the duel cup, which is pretty much dominated by dahang + zorak from what i saw on the vods anyway :P
        as for ddk, he works for Faceit and they’ve pretty much abandoned quake altogether now, which I guess is a smart decision from a business standpoint, but that means all he’s covering is just CSGO, especially as there’s a faceit invitational league + also a G2A cup going on atm. they might be back for quakecon 2015, if that even happens… *fingers crossed*

      2. Vanquish

        found that the whole idea of trying to “balance the game for newbies” by allowing experienced players to spawn with an lg instantly is stupid*


      3. swatllama

        Wow, ok, didn’t know I could still play classic servers without premium. My ELO with the loadouts is like 2200… must’ve been what, 1500 before loadouts :P Just got my shit wrecked.
        Really sucks, cause I’d wanted to use ffa to practice timing for duels, but now the only way to do that is to go 17-1 vs some guy who’s bored out of his mind.

        Is Alexey the other guy who commentates with zoot in the 125 fps games? He’s a little incomprehensible at times, and I don’t like how he seems to side with some of the players a lot. I’ve seen Enjoyka cast. I can’t say I’m too fond of her, to be honest. She’s Russian, but her accent and voice isn’t nearly as smoking hot as our East European girls’.

        If I were to do duelcup, I’d do it just to get wrecked and get some experience. I think everyone going in knows who the top guys are going to be. It’s the same with our Sauer effic tourney that DKSC was kind enough to host. We all knew who the top four or five would be. Hell, we knew who the top three would be from the start.

        Anyway… thanks for the information! :D.

      4. Vanquish

        yeah you can still play on premium servers, you just need someone from your friends list to invite you. afaik the only real difference is that you can’t spawn your own servers or connect to premium ones via the server browser, didn’t really seem worth paying to me :D

        and I don’t even know my exact ELO but it’s something very similar to yours. I’d place highly before loadouts were added and so my ELO kept rising regardless, however my win percentage (coming 1st) shot up from like 20 to 45% overall or something. I guess we just suck at item control :D

        Nobody knows who Alexey A is btw, it’s a secret :D
        The guy you’re thinking of is probably Shpuld, if he’s the skinny blond dude. If I didn’t absolutely love finnish accents for some reason I’d probably hate listening to him too because it seems like he really struggles to get excited/interested lol. Enjoyka is borderline unwatchable for me, fnx is the best out of all of them (his voice sounds identical to rexus’). Sometimes an american guy called Fear casts too and he’s pretty gud.

        Kinda miss my zooty wooty and dadoka though. :(

      5. Suicizer

        Quake Live will never be like it was back in the days of the beta version (with a mod as event for every weekend).
        I have no clue what my ELO would be (how the hell do I check? I only know about sv_skillrating).
        If you’re bothered to check my stats; try to search me at Friends; search & invite. There should be someone called “Suicizer” out there (well, me).

        Pretty interesting that Open Arena hasn’t been called yet. I sometimes play that also next to Quake Live.
        However; I do still prefer Sauerbraten for mapping (never forget your roots =P!), but it’s no challenge for playing frequently (at least on public servers).

      6. Vanquish

        sv_skillrating just shows you your tiers afaik, they’re also publicly viewable on your quake live profile page. ELO is something different (unrelated to your tiers) and it’s done by an external organisation called qlranks. for the most part ELO doesn’t really say anything about someone’s skill other than as some kind of general indication of activity paired with some statistics about accuracy/etc. it’s similar to ogros except you can view individual matches played and in some cases also download demos. this is your ffa rank, for example: http://www.qlranks.com/ffa/player/suicizer :D
        there used to be a qlrankstv twitch channel and bot which would stream and let you bet e$r on matches as they happened, but that’s dead now for some reason. ;(

  2. Terminator

    I sometimes play CoD Bo I (zombies) with my friends, as well as Pes 2015.
    I don’t play them really much, I have a lot of bussines to attend and I don’t feel like wasting my time.
    Nevertheless, when I have time, I really enjoy to play sauer.
    In all those games which were mentioned before I have a pretty good skill whereas I really need to improve in sauer, so I guess that I really like to improve my sauer skills so I get involved with the game.
    I’m still finding out new things in sauerbraten whereas in other games I just do the same.
    In addition, I quite like to play some cws and mixed games with a lot of different players, sauer is really enjoyable in my opinion.

  3. bandandit

    Currently I don’t really play much other than sauer. When I was on my sauer break I started playing a lot of tf2 and l4d/l4d2. I’ll still play these occasionally but I started to get bored with the maps in tf2 and lost interest in crafting weapons and hats. I still play l4d2 a couple times a week but unless you’re playing versus with a group of friends, there’s too many whiners and trolls that can quickly ruin a game. I would play skyrim but I know that if I did nobody would ever hear from me again.

    1. Buck

      Other than Sauerbraten, I play NBA 2k15 , COD MW , and GTA 5. Lots of PS4 Games :D
      The only one of those that is as/more enjoyable than Cube2 I would say is NBA 2k15. Its a great game if you enjoy playing/watching basketball, and I think its the best release yet.
      I used to play Minecraft often, but after my brother’s computer broke and my friends stopped playing, it got bored playing lonely. But at the moment I’d rather play basketball, tennis, or just go lifting. I need to take a little break from video games, sometimes they can get in the way of reality a bit too much. But that is one of the main reasons to play right?

  4. Agalloch

    Sauerbraten on PC
    RealRacing 3 on mobile
    TheWitcher 1 once in a month or so.

    Ofc Crash Bandicoot with son :D

  5. UboaWorld

    I play a lot other stuff, daikatana, quake 1, pain killer, but no one is like saurbraten, I like it very much, for show my appreciation, I will make many saurer gameplays for bring more players for this awesome game

  6. Jawer

    I also recently started playing Quake live again and it’s a really nice contrast cause you have to learn how to properly move in the beginning, it’s way more fun after beating the rocket jump and strife training challenges. I just prefer Sauer because of the years i spent playing and because you know everybody in the competetive game setor more or less.
    As for other game genres i am pretty into Hearthstone even if i never played WoW and of course the elder scrolls III – V.

  7. Regulator

    A lot of different games. I love wolfenstein et, and Warsow. Xonotic and old nexuiz are incredibly fun, but the communities are slowly dying. My favorite fps is urban terror, which has some of my favorite weapon and movement mechanics, but won’t run on my computer anymore. Actually, neither do wolfenstein and warsow, but if I could run them anymore, I would.


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