ISMC mapping challenge #13

Note: This post was written by TristamK, contact him for more information.

24.01.2018 00-00 MSK – 14.02.2018 22-00 MSK Extension for one-two weeks is possible.

The goal of each new challenge is to create those things that weren’t created earlier. Each challenge is a test of the mapper’s skills, in which the mapper needs to create a map or stuff that would be better than what he created earlier. And the most important thing here is the fact of trying. It does not matter what level of skills you have. The main thing is participation.

What do we create?

The each new challenge always have some problems. Someone want make maps for DM, someone want race maps or maps for CTF. This challenge should solve this problem of choice becouse right now we will made a race map with open world. What that mean ?

Regular race have 1-2 routes with 1-3 possible ways on them and you will be lucky if mappers able to make good graphic for them. But the idea of this challenge in making maps wich don’t have one clean way but unlimited amount of them and direction in which you should move to reach the finish.

For better undestanding goal of this challenge imagine a mountain. You stanting in foothills of it. It’s your start. The highest point of mountain is your finish. How much ways you have for climbing to the top ? Almost unlimited amount of them. I will add also a race-example to this post so you will undestand better what you would to make.

Also you can made map for CTF but latter remade it as a race map with open world. But there is 2 restrictions.

1) If you remade your map this map should be changed alteast by 25%

2) If you getting map that made by someone else remember to mentions author, check license if map have it and this map should be changed alteast by 50%

We can discuss about it in #ismc_main_chat in ISMC discord Activity in this event will affect whether there will be something like this in the future or not.



  1. Tristam K

    Hi to all.
    I have few words for anyone who interested in this challenge.
    I forgot to mention few things.
    1) Map scale and map size doesn’t matter
    2) Usually race maps don’t have any custom content like cfg, models, textures ect. since they made for servers. So use default content that included to the last Sauer release.
    3) You can post your maps and your progress or in ISMC discord or on the forum. If there will be more then 2 works (i hope) i will make a big global post about this challenge for sauerworld.
    4) Also this time we will have a prize. I don’t have any material values, but I can offer something else.
    If in the end we will have at least 5 completed works, then I will grant the winner access to a special unknown Tesseract build with advanced physics (there are controlled machines for example)
    5) I think you need to enter the ISMC discord server in any case becouse it’s will be best way to get new info about time extension i think.
    Good luck all.

  2. Tristam K

    I think that it is necessary to make this post.
    Let’s talk about how to get a player to explore your open race map in the direction that you want. For this I came up with several ways.
    1) Search for weapons
    2) Search for a password \ keys
    *) The point with the search for details of the plot and secrets will not be considered here. But it’s cab help for addition explore.
    1) How to organize it? One way is to split your race open map into open locations that will be separated from each other by multi-layer barriers to overcome which is possible only with the help of weapons. So you can send player first to one location where the player must take the rifle, then to the location with the rocket launcher and then bring it to the location with a grenade.
    2) The second way is to find the necessary thing to access the finish location which is not related to the weapon. In the case of my map, it will force player to search for a password to access a previously closed location. For example, I can make access to the location through a password, parts of which I can place in all locations.


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