Client Mods

Do you want to use a client with more options? See accuracy, damage dealt, country flag for other players and customise your client as much as you want to, easily?

Check out some of the most popular clients in the community:

pisto’s SDOS Client

Uses SDL2 instead of SDL1.2, comes with a lot of functionality that improves performance and input.

ComEd (Community Edition)

Based on pisto’s SDOS client (i.e. uses SDL2), adds lots of functionality.

WC-NG: Black Edition

Frosty: Hi, I’ve created a mod based off the WC-NG client by Thomas; by importing the code from ComEd/extra-a and combining all of the nice features from all clients into one. It is called Black Edition because the theme is dark.

Original WC-NG (by Thomas)

happy – by Origin

Extra-A client

Another SDL2 client (based on pisto’s SDOS client) that brings lots of customizations and features.


Modified client that comes with an extensive range of extra features.


Modified client which is much more customizable and powerful than just the plain original Sauerbraten.