Clan Activity November 2014

After Impressive Squad lost 3 of their members on such short notice they quickly find new talent with Elite., Sativa, and jay_red. ( source )

After acquiring their newly equipt dynamic trio, Impressive Squad again, closes the doors.

Other news .rC|, rising cubers, has acquired the recently returned neon ( source ), and Altintop/Azrail has joined sp4nk ( source ).

Also =DK=, Dark Keepers, has recruited an ex Crowd member Alkfly ( source ).

See what their reasons for joining below!

Elite. – “They are a skilled, active, friendly team with players from all over the world. I also really liked Obst and Agalloch at the time, so i wanted to join them :D

Sativa – “Well when I was looking for clans to join, I wanted to join a clan with active players and that have similar skill as me. After looking at !s, not only are they active but very friendly which really helped my choice become much easier.”

jay_red –  “Well, before leaving FD I had already received an invite to !s but declined because at the time I thought I would remain in FD. After leaving I first tried applying to noVI, but there clan is invite only so I began hanging around the noVI members to get to know them better and actually enjoyed their company a lot. But during this time I was also hanging around a lot of !s members on mumble,  playing Sauerbraten and Steam games. Not to mention I was already familiar with most of the !s members. To make a long story short, after a month or so I decided to apply to !s after playing with them so often and enjoying the good times.”

Altintop/Azrail – “I always wanted to join sp4nk clan. I dont think any other clan in this game has a real good clanname as the sp4nk clan. They are also very good players, and in my opinion the best players in Cube2.”

neon – “I joined rC  because for me it seems to be the clan with the nicest members and clan atmosphere in it, with focus on having fun while playing with my mates and acting on a high competitive level in nearly every mode.”

More news, former Crowd member, Katja, is trying to rejoin sp4nk! ( source )


That’s all the news for now guys. Good luck and happy fragging!



      1. C.O.O.K.I.E!!

        I really like how they choose to use a 4 instead of A. So creative!


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