Clan Activity – August 15

Although sauer stagnates at the moment, clans are still able to gain new members. Here is a short summary what happened in the clanscene over the last month.

The Costa Rican player sparta decided to leave his clan .cS| (Source). On the other hand, .cS| was able to strengthen their team by recruiting Ignis aka Scoob, a brazilian player who is quite new to the game, but already made a name for oneself. (Source)

 <Ignis> why did you join .cS|? Because they are very active , have skilled and friendly players and because i was a friend of aga and neon before join cS

After leaving his old clan TxC (Source), Partizan found himself a new home in |RB| (Source).

Also the High Definition clan was able to gain 2 new members, Morex (Source) and Avogadro (Source). While Morex is playing for quite a while already, Avogadro is a newcomer, who just started playing few months ago. Otherwise RambonosupermanSpain decided to leave |HD| (No Source Avaialble).



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