A new proxy/VPN ban project, ASkidban

pisto is working on a new project called ASkidban, whose goal is to compile a large list of hosting providers with the assumption that they are the places where VPN and proxies are located.

The project comprises a set of tools to review information on internet organizations, and an actual database which already counts about 200 blocked organizations and about 27 million blocked IPs. For more information on the tools and the criteria used in compiling the ban list, please read the project README.

The ban list is work in progress, so use at your own risk. It is wired to pisto’s servers: ZOMBIE OUTBREAK! (pisto.horse 6666) and pisto.horse 1024. piernov added support for suckerserv, but it is not yet tested, and there are most likely performance problems due to the size of the list.

If you want to contribute, you can drop an email to pisto or send a pull request on the GitHub repo. Feedback on the current ban list and reports of proxies/VPNs are especially welcome.


  1. mr.pink

    good project, in particular for public servers which are being riddled by reappearing cheaters.
    for the more competitive scene, an actual anti-cheat client that can detect nasty trigger bot users would be nice.

    1. pisto

      I won’t publish an always-on anticheat as I did with swlacc.
      I have plans for server-side anticheat, but it’s a large chunk of work.

      1. cs4

        This interests me pisto as commercial versions are too pricey.
        Does this mean the client will be reduced to thin-client?

      1. poopypantz

        lol that went right over your 13 year old head didnt it poopy pants

  2. pisto

    I really wonder who would downvote this. You can disagree with the method but then you would also comment. My guess is that it’s one of the handful of cyberghostvpn.com users that were slammed trying to join my servers.

  3. Sauerbraten cub

    I disagree with the method. People keep spamming me ingame with information from my privacy related to sex orientation and ethnical origin deducted from my internet navigation.


        That kind of comments. Exactly. And from then, they know exactly what I am doing like what I am listening on youtube while playing. Bye bye sauerbraten.

      2. star

        Nice Necrobump you fuckwit. Make sure you don’t come back.

        Oh and who were you again that we might care? NOT!

  4. Ashley Jones

    CyberGhost almost always has huge discount deals if you google for them. Bought a year premium for $20 not too long ago. Heck, every year they have multiple free deals for a few months for one pc.


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