TOURNAMENT: 20 August 2017 – EFFIC // FFA // 2v2 TEAMPLAY

Hi all! Due to having some spare time and a few requests, I’ll be hosting a tournament Sunday, August 20th. Rules will be similar to SSL rules, with some changes.
When: August 20th, 5:00 PM GMT+2.
Where: Servers will be announced in Discord and IRC the day of.
Map Pick List
Signup by PM’ing me in discord or IRC.
Signups will be open from now until 12 hours before the event begins. The reason for signups is so that a schedule can be made so players participating in only one event do not have to stay around for more hours than they originally anticipate.

As the schedule gets updated with more signups, we’ll have a better idea of when later events start. There will also be a break time between events as a buffer for any overflow. Even if one event ends early, we will wait until the designated start time for the next event.

Mixed teams are allowed for the 2v2 Teamplay event.
The seeding for each event will be determined by a mass all vs all. The top 8 participants in the all vs all will move on to the duel sections, which will be a Best of three. The higher seeded player in the all vs all will pick the first map.
Unlike in past SSL events, the third (tiebreaker) map, if need be, will be prechosen per mode. It cannot be picked. This means it would be wise to practise these maps more.
Per event, an individual may only pick any map once. This carries over into the final match, so pick early maps carefully. If someone has already played a map, but has not picked it, they may still pick it. I will maintain a spreadsheet of everyone’s picks. The reasoning behind this is to encourage playing the game well, instead of playing only a few maps well.
Make sure you have the SW mappack installed. If you plan on playing ffa or teamplay, I have updated a spawn on sauerowalk that you will need to play, added some pickups on toxicity that you will need to play, and have a custom teamplay map.

Updated Maps (ffa and teamplay players will need this as well as the SW mappack)
Map Pools

  • duel8
  • academy
  • frozen6a – custom
  • memento2b – custom
  • legazzo
  • duel7
  • mbt2
  • simplicity
  • legacy – custom
  • turbine – tiebreaker, cannot be picked


  • metl3
  • metl4
  • skrdm1
  • tumwalk
  • cartel – custom
  • sauerowalk – custom, and I have an updated copy you need
  • hades
  • corruption
  • elegy
  • toxicity – tiebreaker, cannot be picked, and I have an updated copy you need

2v2 Teamplay

  • bvdm_01
  • hades
  • corruption
  • para_die – custom, and not in the SW mappack
  • nmp8
  • paradigm
  • cartel
  • gubo – tiebreaker, cannot be picked

Yes, only eight maps for teamplay.

Now, for the

  • Jumper

Feel free to contact me with feedback, questions, or requests for help practicing maps.




  1. swatllama

    Remember to send me a PM in discord or IRC if you would like to sign up / sign up a team for teamplay!

  2. Lokio

    sign up for FFA and TEAMPLAY

    try out FFA and TEAMPLAY

    play FFA and TEAMPLAY


    1. swatllama

      Hi, Latte. I hope you and your clan will sign up at least one team.

      Yes, we will all require Jumper’s anticheat client, as well as your SSN and credit card #’s. It is proven to be very safe and secure.

      (No, we don’t have an anticheat, so if you’re going to cheat, hide it well.)

      1. Latté

        Hey Swat,
        Thx for the info. Will download Jumper’s cheat client. Fake IDs accepted?
        On a serious note, our clan as a whole hasn’t been playing pickup at all (which I am changing soon :D) so we won’t have a team for 2v2 tdm. I am guessing a lot of teams/individuals aren’t in shape for this yet. We may have some participants in the effic 1v1, not sure yet. A lot of us on vacation recently.
        Big thanks for organizing this event, we really need more pickup tournaments to get people training. Otherwise I don’t see anyone moving from effic.

      2. swatllama

        There are some decent players looking for teams. Mixed teams are allowed this time, so perhaps try to find one of those decent players and see if they’d be willing to pair anyone on your team. PM me on discord if you’d like to speak more about this.

        Alternatively, if they want to put together a (few) team(s), I’m available to practise this week. It’s not like someone can turn pro in a week, but improvements can be made. At worst, the event ends up only being 20 minutes of getting fucked over before getting eliminated.
        (Plus, if a lot of lesser skilled players made teams, there’d be fewer of that going on and more even games…)

  3. Jumper

    A very least of people will parcticipate in that. It seems that swatllama picked modes into his favor (ffa, effic, teamplay) to get all the titles himself.. ahah, such a scum you are, swat.

    1. swatllama

      Yeah, I thought about banning Frosty and Honzik too so that they wouldn’t steal the titles.
      It’s almost like I picked modes and mappools that I thought would produce interesting games… or to stack it in my favour, because I always play in ffa and effic tournaments.

      I also think I can win every game every time.

    2. miu

      and ofc you never looked at this from the other side where swat just trying to promote other modes to make people play them more often to add more colors to this almost B&W game

    3. TheLove

      scum? aren’t you the guy who only play insta turbine and efficiency turbine :D ;P

    1. swatllama

      Hi, Alu. I’d love it if you and sp4nk sign up!
      I also don’t think metl2 is a well designed map, so it is not in the pools.


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