The notas respectable guide to FFA

Remember FFA for Dummies? Well, notas finally finished his improved version and now it is simply called the FFA Guide. This quite extensive guide is aimed towards beginners as well as experienced ffa players. It is a very detailed guide in which notas not only describes basic item tactics but also more advanced tricks, revealing the secrets of becoming a real FFA champ like himself.

I urge you all to read this guide and start playing the lost art of FFA! There is more fun within Sauer, than just insta venice and jump ‘n run races.

You can find the guide under our tips&mods tab in the game guides section, or by clicking:


Sauerworld would also like to encourage our readers to write some guides to fill the new Game Guides section. If you would like to share your knowledge related to Sauerbraten, contact anyone of the staff via IRC or Discord.



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