Editorial – Mix Teams in SSL – by notas

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Have you ever wanted to play with a group of friends who just so happen to be in a different clan? Do you not have a clan, but still feel the urge to compete? Well, you can’t, at least not in SSL. Their decision to ban mix teams seems to be a strained attempt to force people into what they imagine is the more elite world of clan competition. It’s an authoritarian policy that is terribly ill-suited to such a small community of players. Allowing mix teams is vital to keeping sauer fun and accessible for everyone.


SSL September ’15

The following lines were copied from the original newspost

The modes which will be played in this month are, Insta, FFA, Effic and Efficctf

Player seedings will be randomly determined after sign ups close. To guarantee the highest value of fairness, we are coming up with some new idea this month. In the Qualifier stages every game will be played on the same map, which we will announce one week before the tourney! The map will be shuffled out of the mappool, which will consist of 10 maps. That way the higher seeded player doesn’t have the advantage of the mappick and the lower seed has a higher chance to be the equal of his opponent.


DKSC iCTF League May 2015

Important: Obviously the time converter used by DKSC caused some confusion. The time has been changed from 5pm to 3pm UTC.

Since I'm not sure whether or not people use to mind the events in the sidebar, and it can do no harm anyway, here's another reminder:

iCTF – Sunday, 10th May – 5pm UTC