SuperSauerLeague World Cup

The SuperSauerLeague team is hosting a World Cup for July. The format will be similar to the actual Football/Soccer World Cup in that there will be a group stage followed by an elimination bracket stage.

Sunday, 12th July (group stage)
Sunday, 19th July (bracket stage)

UTC +2 / 5pm CEST

3v3 Regen Capture, 3v3 eCTF

Group Map Pool:
eCTF – redemption, reissen
Regen Capture – dust2, nevil_c

To signup, talk to swatllama or Fearer in IRC or via email (swatllama0 at gmail).

Participant List:

Some of the new rules:

  • The SSL organizers will group players into national / regional teams.
  • Teams will consist of at most only two members of the same clan.
  • There is a points system in the group stages.
  • Ties are allowed in the group stage. For the bracket stage, there will be the standard two minute overtime.
  • The group stage has two maps, both of which will be played.

Some further details depend on how many players sign up and will only be finalized one week before the first day of the tournament.

You can read more at the SuperSauerLeague web site.



    1. swatllama

      I think we’re probably going to group all of South America as one team. That or we’ll do Spanish-speaking and Brazil. We’ll see how many sign up.

      1. Acuerta

        Make team hispanohablantes happen! I know who I’ll be rooting for then :)

  1. suicizer

    Perhaps if you order on language families, that would make it fair (Romanic languages, (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, etc) Germanic languages (Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, etc), Slavic languages (Poland, Russia, etc), Keep on going…

      1. vonquiche

        Maybe. I played my first sauer game in a year last night and it was much more fun than I remembered. I’m just rusty as shit, they’d be better off without me :p


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