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“We’re introducing a new format to SSL. At this point, we want to aim for a consistent format with modes that will be played every month. The modes we will use this month are: Instagib duel, Efficiency duel, FFA duel, and Instactf 3 vs 3. 

This month we are going to try something different from the traditional allvsall matches to determine seedings. We believe that an allvsall is not an accurate way to determine true rankings, so for August we have decided to rank players ourselves. After the sign ups are closed, we will choose the rankings to the best of our abilities, using our general knowledge of the participants’ skills, and using tools like to see how players have been performing recently. Everybody will get a rank – this way all participants will get a real taste of tournament action and more games can be played.

The tournament, like our last few, will be played over two Sundays.

Day One

  • Qualifier stages.
    • Each match will be a Best of One.
    • The player/team we ranked higher will pick the map that is played.
    • Qualifying games will take place on two servers at the scheduled time.

Day Two

  • Semifinals. Each match will be a Best of Three.
    • The person/team we ranked higher will pick map #1.
    • The lower ranked player/team will pick map #2.
    • If necessary, the higher seed will pick the tiebreaker map.
  • FINALS! The final match will be a Best of Three.
    • The person/team we ranked higher will pick map #1.
    • The lower ranked player/team will pick map #2.
    • If necessary, the higher seed will pick the tiebreaker map.


Signups will be done via challonge from now on. To sign up you just need to create a challonge account. Then you will be able to sign up via the links you can see below. If you try to sign up via Fearer, Frosty, or swatllama in IRC, you’ll be redirected to our website. If you email us, we’ll send you a link to the signup page. Please make sure you’re familiar with the format and the rules we have laid out. You shouldn’t be asking “Oh, is the tournament TODAY?” and scrambling around to get prepared last minute. It’s really ridiculous for people to be trying to sign up after the tournament has started, especially if the day you’re signing up isn’t even the qualifiers match, but the finals.

The main thing is, we’re done answering questions that have answers laid out here. If you have an issue, suggestion, or confusion, talk to us in IRC before signing up. When you sign up, you should know exactly what you’re signing up for. Most of you don’t want to end up like

If for whatever reason, you need to pull out of the tournament after you have signed up, let us know about it in IRC or via email. Be careful about IRC – keep checking the schedule and the participant list to make sure we got the message. Sometimes bouncers go down, our computers crash, we lose our logs, etc… if you’re worried about this, send us emails in addition to IRC, or instead of if you’d like. Don’t be afraid to pester all of us if you have to pull out early.

Links to Signup: Instagib , Efficiency , FFA , Instactf – Sign up with your clans name (a new account is not needed.)

Brackets: Instagib , Efficiency , FFA , Instactf

Date & Time: August 9th (Qualifier), August 16 Semifinals & Finals, 5PM CEST.

Map Pool: Here

  • Participants of instagib and efficiency and instactf cannot choose the same map at all during the tournament until the finals. If we have an insanely high number of participants, we’ll amend this rule. If an opponent picks a map you have already played, that’s fine – just no one can PICK the same map multiple times. Between the qualifiers and (semi)finals days, we will compile a list of maps everyone has picked.
  • Please note that the updated versions of frozen and memento are going to be played in all our future tournaments that have them. Download Link


    1. Lokio

      I can vouch for the swat training program – I went from a ffa noob to 3rd place (could have been higher if I looked at the damn clock) last ffa competition

      1. swatllama

        Like I was telling you, AMD, man… their drivers have always been shitty. Sauer’ll work with a Titan X.
        Nice song. Take care, vzzec.


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