SSL #1 Instagib Results

The first SSL tournament just ended successfully, and we’ve got a winner (surprise, surprise!)

But in order to torture you a bit longer provide you with some more detailed information, let’s start from the beginning. The participants, in order of the all-vs-all results, were:

Achille, hades, Chaos, Lokio, Honzik1, Gangler, Frosty, degrave, wtf?!, lagout, Hank1, Jawer, Tamin0

Gangler dropped out after the mass game on renegade, a screenshot of which can be found here, so wtf?! moved up to the qualification phase which the first eight players went forward to.

In the end, Achille and Frosty reached the final round.

1. turbine: Achille 106 – 95 Frosty (screenshot)
2. kffa: Achille 83 – 95 Frosty (screenshot)
3. complex: Achille 106 – 100 Frosty (screenshot)

hades beat Honzik1 for the third place, which leads us to the following final results:

The winner: Achille #1
The almost-winner: Frosty #2
The not-quite-winner: hades #3

Archives containing all the demos recorded this evening can be found here.

Good games, see you next time!

Update: The organizers themselves also wrote a personal summary of their first tournament, which can be found on the SSL website.


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