!sL #6 FFA + ICTF

Once again we would like to see you participating in another !sL tournament!
We will start with FFA this time and then move on to iCTF. There are two new maps in the FFA pools and laucin in the iCTF pool. Especially for iCTF you have to make sure to have the latest version of the sauerworld mappack.

The actual Map Pools, Live-Brackets, Rules and more can be found on http://impressiveleague.org! So make sure you add this address to your bookmarks :-)
But be careful! The times advertised there are in UTC. The tournament starts as always at 5PM CET.

Even if you are clanless consider joining. Call your friends and form a mix team! Team games start at about 7-8PM CET.

Happy fragging and may the Braten be with you.


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